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Netflix’s ‘The House’ – One of Us Review

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Jan 29 2022

Be prepared to get creeped out with The One of Us crew as they review Netflix’s The House.

 If you’re looking for home improvement tips, you’ve come to the wrong movie. If you’re into dark comedy, horror, and stop-motion animation – you’ll feel welcome in Netflix’s The House.

Netflix’s The House is an anthology of stories that take place over 3 different time periods. Each chapter is a fable, all connected somehow to this house.

Enda Walsh wrote the trio of animated stories. The chapters are directed by Emma De Swaef & Marc James Roels (Ch. 1), Niki Lindroth von Bahr (Ch. 2), and Paloma Baeza.


This movie is decidedly meant to make you feel uncomfortable. Never fear, though, as here to massage your back with insightful commentary are Tessa, Dogget, Chad, and Lewayne. Don’t mention anything about rats, they’re creeping Lewayne out.

Netflix's The House OOU


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  • Chad Halvorsen
  • Tessa Morrison
  • Danny Dogget
  • Lewayne White

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