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‘The Expanse’ Finale– ‘Babylon’s Ashes’ Breakdown

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Jan 18

The Expanse finale aired this weekend. It wrapped up storylines beautifully. And it left backdoors open for surprise renewals or spinoffs.

The Expanse Finale: One Last Trip to Laconia

Expanse finale

He’d like a hug, too.

Of course, we couldn’t wrap up season 6 without one last peek in on Cara and Xan on Laconia. They return to camp and their parents are frantic with worry over how long Cara has been missing.

Cara tries to calm them down and excitedly introduces them to a living-ish Xan. Unlike Cara, her parents quickly pick up on the slight off-ness of Xan. From his strange colored eyes to the soulless way he asks for a hug to how he bleeds black and heals almost immediately, it’s clear that whatever this is it isn’t quite Xan anymore.

They attempt to lock him/it away in a closet but Cara rescues him and they run away together into the woods, flanked by the strange “dogs.” We see the world from “Xan’s” point of view, and whatever is going on with him looks exactly like Holden’s vision when he got a little too close with the protomolecule.

But that’s all we really learn about it. Cara isn’t worried about dying in the woods because the “dogs” can bring her back, too. But where their story ends the parents have called the soldiers in, and the children are on the run.

These two don’t come back for the rest of the episode- or the series. Whatever is happening on Laconia is only hinted at later in the episode if you sort of squint and assume a few things.

Personally, I’m not surprised that we were left with more questions than answers in the Expanse finale. We’re told that the protomolecule is still kicking around and making the colonies through the ring interesting. And perhaps that all we need to know.

But if we ever do get more episodes, that’s one of the plots I’d like to see real closure on. It’s a long shot, I know.



Assault On The Ring Station

Expanse finale

As we’ve seen coming, the team of of everyone-in-the-universe vs. Marco has finally come to fruition. The crew of the Roci, Chrisjen’s crew, and Drummer on behalf of the belters not loyal to Marco’s free navy are plotting out how to take out his rail guns.

And the odds are long to say the least. Holden is pretty sure they have a solid plan; Chrisjen points out how optimistic he is, but there isn’t a better plan.

Everyone splits off and as Drummer’s belters take significant damage and casualties. The Roci is also only barely faring better.

Clarissa Mao’s modifications are giving her nearly debilitating side effects. Amos leaves the ship to be part of a raid squad with Bobbie, and Bobbie finds herself pinned by enemy fire.

The mission is almost the dictionary definition of successfully failing as they destroy the rail guns they were hoping to capture and use against Marco. But they also suffer no main-cast casualties and are able to successfully destroy the weapons.



The Cost For Marco And Filip

You expected a freighter. But it was me, Marco!

On the other side of the battle, Marco and his Free Navy are also taking heavy hits. Marco’s right hand woman Rosenfeld is killed. His ship, The Pella, is badly damaged, and Filip is again losing faith.

It’s clear that losing Rosenfeld was little more than an inconvenience to Marco, and Filip asks what if it had been him. True to character, Marco shrugs him off with empty platitudes and Filip seems defeated, but returns to his station.

It’s been a long road for Filip and we want to see him get the redemption arc that he deserves. But this late in the game, it’s hard to imagine how he’s going to get off of the Pella alive.

Unfortunately for Marco, his friends on Laconia don’t want to do business with him anymore. He’s told that he’s no longer welcome in the colonies and any ships that approach will be destroyed.

We don’t know for sure what’s triggered this sudden change, but I have a feeling it has to do with a protomolecule and an undead little boy. That’s the last we hear from Laconia, though, and the first time Marco seems to imagine that he could lose.


Last Stand Off

Expanse finale

With all of their ships destroyed, damaged, without torpedoes, or a mixture thereof, it looks impossible to drive the Free Navy back again. Amos, Bobbie, and Holden start planning out their last stand, but it’s Naomi who has the winning idea.

Overloading the ring will awaken its dormant entities, which have been threatening travelers all season. Marco realizes what’s happening too late and his ship is disintegrated as he attempts to flee through the ring.


This scene is gut wrenching as Naomi watches the ship she knows her son to be on be destroyed. But she, like us, knew this ending was likely coming all season.

Only, we find out later that Filip didn’t die with his father and The Pella. Losing faith in the Free Navy’s mission, he quietly walked onto an escape pod and flew away from The Pella before they got near the ring.

Without another season we don’t know what’s in his future, or what his redemption will look like. But I hope it involves a tearful reunion with Naomi; she deserves it.


Negotiations And The Future

With the war behind them, Earth, Mars, and the Belt have to do the exciting work of verbally hammering out trade route agreements. Nobody is happy to be there, least of all Drummer who feels disrespected by the representatives of the inner planets.

Chrisjen suggests putting the jurisdiction of trade through the ring the responsibility of a third party who everyone likes and has proved themselves fair and liked equally by everyone. She of course, is talking about Holden who doesn’t want the job but can’t say no.

He can, however, take the job, make Drummer his vice president, and then immediately quit.

After making sure the Belters have their own voice at the table, the Rocci leaves. Holden and Naomi take a well-deserved rest before they figure out their next job.

Expanse finale


There are enough loose ends in the Expanse finale to make another season possible, but enough closer to not make one necessary. In a universe that’s big and messy, the fact that all of our favorite characters got something like a happy ending was a surprising treat. I’d personally love to see more, but if we’re left with six seasons, it will have been six fantastic seasons.

What did you think of the Expanse finale? What do you think Filip is off to do? Which character has been your favorite all this time? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Adventuring!

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