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Warhammer 40K: The Next Codex After T’au

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Jan 14 2022

We’re still waiting on an official announcement/road map but we all know who’s getting the next codex after T’au, right?

With the T’au announced and on the way and the Adeptus Custodes and Genestealers out now, we’re at the end of what we know for sure. So it’s time to do some speculation as to what’s next in the codex line-up. But we don’t really have to guess too hard, right? It’s pretty clear who’s up next…right?

It’s Gotta Be Aeldari, Right?

With the new Eldritch Omens coming soon we’ve got very clear picture that Aeldari and Chaos are going to be fighting it out. Both are getting some new models with the Aeldari side getting a batch of entirely new models. The Chaos forces are also getting new models but are anchored by a Maulerfiend (which is not new).


On top of that, we had several Advent Engines that were clearly related to the Aeldari. We’re not going to go down the list but it sure looks like the Aeldari are getting pretty big refresh coming soon. We’re excited about it and we can’t wait to see all the new toys/rules.

Furthermore, when it come to 9th edition, the Aeldari comprise a pretty big faction that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention. Yes, the Drukhari are doing quite well this edition and they received an update but the rest of the Aeldari have been patiently waiting. I’m talking about the Craftworlders, Harlequins, and the Ynnari, of course.


So we wouldn’t be shocked to see a new Aeldari Codex get announced hot on the heels of the Eldritch Omens release. Unless…

J/K It’s Chaos Marines!?

What are the odds Games Workshop pulls the old switcheroo and drops a new Chaos Space Marine codex? They ARE a part of the Eldritch Omens release. They ALSO were featured heavily in the Advent Engine. Furthermore, they are getting new models in the box. On top of all that, Chaos Space Marines are kind of a big deal in terms of factions and sub-factions. And how much longer is GW going to make Chaos players suffer the injustice of 2 wound Shield Drones, amirite!?

Hey Chaos Marines. How’s it going?

If Chaos Marines do come out first then that also opens the door for a whole bunch of other chaos stuff that was teased, too. Chaos Knights, Daemons, and maybe even something new like Dark Mechanicus or Traitor Guard would be awesome.


Been teasing these for a while now…still waiting for a payoff!

Just Gimme A Codex Roadmap Already

At the end of the day I’d be happy with either these codexes next. I’m leaning more toward Aeldari just based on the teasers but I do think something Chaos is coming regardless. GW is say get ready for some “warp based shenanigan” this year. And yes — I think that’s still going to happen.


Okay – so who’s up first? Aeldari or Chaos? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Author: Adam Harrison
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