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D&D: Five Indispensable Magic Amulets

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May 19 2022

When it comes to D&D, magical amulets abound. But which should you wear? These five are magically delicious, indispensable even.

Magic amulets are a staple of fantasy stories. Whether they’re unlocking ancient temples or just warding of death, a good magic amulet can really give a story some weight. It’s no different in D&D. With the right magic amulet, your character will be ready to shine. Check out these five indispensable magic amulets.

Amulet of Health

This one’s pretty straightforward. While you wear it, your Constitution score is 19. No effect if your Con score is higher already. But an amulet like this will give you extra hit points, a better Constitution saving throw, and if you’re someone reedy like a Wizard it can mean the difference between life and death.

Amulet of the Drunkard

With this amulet, a healing potion is always as close as the nearest tavern. While wearing it (no attunement needed), drinking a pint of beer, ale, mead, or wine will restore 4d4 + 4 hit points. It can only do this once per day, but that’s basically a free healing potion with your first drink of the night.

Dark Shard Amulet

This one’s for warlocks only — but if you can get your hands on one, these amulets are handy. Made of a shard of extraplanar material from the realm of your patron, a Dark Shard Amulet not only serves as a spellcasting focus. It also lets you cast any cantrip you don’t know (from the Warlock Spell List) once per day.

Shield Guardian Amulet

This magic amulet at first might not seem to have any properties all its own. But it’s still quite special. Because a Shield Guardian Amulet is attuned to a magical construct known as a Shield Guardian. These constructs will work to protect the amulet’s wearer as best as they can, or will listen to commands given by the bearer.


Amulet of the Planes

This magical amulet will take you places. With a DC 15 Intelligence check and an action you can cast the plane shift spell. But even if you fail, something interesting is bound to happen. You and everyone and everything within 15 feet get transported to another plane of existence.

So when you want to get somewhere, this amulet can either make it happen, or make it an adventure.

Happy adventuring!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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