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GoT: Why is Jon Snow Getting a Spin-Off When Arya’s Right There?

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Jun 20 2022

Arya Stark walked away from a controversial ‘Game of Thrones’ finale with her character mostly intact. So why isn’t she getting a spin-off?

Last week, we received news that HBO will be giving fans a Jon Snow spin-off series. Since the announcement, all I can think about is Jon, Sansa, and Arya saying goodbye in the Game of Thrones series finale. All I can remember thinking is how excited I was at the idea that Arya’s story would keep going. Sure, the last season was a disaster – but it would almost be worth it if I could get an Arya on the High Seas story. Instead, we get more Jon Snow and… snow.

The Game of Thrones Universe is Expanding

Listen, I’m not saying I would thoroughly hate a Jon Snow series. On the contrary, I’m eagerly and open-mindedly awaiting all GoT-related content just like the rest of you drama junkies out there. The premiere of HBO’s newest GoT expansion House of the Dragon is just around the corner. And news of a Jon Snow series is just the first in what could be many announcements from HBO.

The original Game of Thrones showrunners aren’t involved in the two upcoming spin-offs. But Kit Harrington is returning to play Jon Snow. Last we left him, he pledged to go North of the wall.

Courtesy of HBO

Arya’s Story Offers Something New

Meanwhile, Arya gets herself a boat and sets off into the world to discover whatever’s “West of Westeros.” Arya has settled her desire for revenge, and she’s putting Westeros behind her. It’s got big-time adventure-explorer vibes. Maisie just told Teen Vogue that she always perceived Arya to be queer, which many fans (myself included) also experienced. Bringing Williams back to explore Arya’s character further has the potential to be a sea-faring Laura Croft meets Julie d’Aubigny story.

Sure, Arya’s adventure looked like a new beginning – but in the Game of Thrones, our histories follow us. It would be interesting for a show to explore how her quest for vengeance circles back around. The show doesn’t have to be GoT-Lite. It’ll still have hard-hitting what the hell? moments. Remember that time Winter came for House Frey? Fans of meat pie sure do.

Cool, Another Story About Jon’s Emotional Torment

Then there’s Jon. Jon, who’s literally and metaphorically cooling off after a torrid romance/murder with his biological aunt. I mean, that’s a lot to unpack, my guy. And as much as I want that healing for you, Mr. Fictional Character, I think it would make a far better sub-plot. Maybe we’ll get a beautiful hero’s journey that redeems Jon from all the horrors of season 8. Perhaps it even provides a major Queen Sansa sub-plot as Jon becomes worthy to be King Beyond the Wall. It still sounds kind of drab.

North of the Wall vs. West of Westeros

One of the greatest strengths of GoT is world-building. Rich scenery and lavish details were a huge draw for fans and allowed us all to slip into the story so effectively. The show was filmed in several locations in Spain, Morocco, Ireland, Croatia, and Iceland. In those stunning locations, lush gardens, rich costuming, and opulent props framed some of my favorite moments in the series.

Don’t get me wrong, there were some lovely icy scenery moments in Jon’s previous adventures North of the Wall. But I’d be far more excited to see some more exotic parts of the world.


So much snow, courtesy of HBO

Which Game of Thrones character are you the most eager to see in upcoming spin-offs? And why is it Arya Stark?

Author: Danni Danger
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