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D&D: Fly a Beholder’s Tyrantship in ‘Spelljammer Academy’s Realmspace Sortie Adventure

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Jul 28 2022

The next leg of the free Spelljammer Academy adventure, Realmspace Sortie, is here. And with it, a Beholder spaceship, just waiting for you.

Things could not be more exciting for Spelljammer cadets right now. In addition to previews of the Spelljamming races, including Astral Elves and Giff, D&D Beyond’s free adventure Spelljammer Academy invites players even further into the world of Wildspace.

After facing down an attack by mysterious figures and proving their worth in a trial by fire, a new adventure beckons. Basic training is over, it’s time to go Spelljamming.

Spelljammer Academy: Realmspace Sortie

If you haven’t been playing through the Spelljammer Academy adventures, you’re missing out on quite a bit of fun. The adventure captures the spirit of Spelljammer in the biggest way.

Stepping into the role of a cadet is a ton of fun. The adventures are also short but fast-paced enough that it feels like each session is crunchy and satisfying. You can play the adventure through in a single session. And honestly, as a way to hook people into D&D, this is a fantastic starter adventure.

Especially since the premise is so off-the-wall high fantasy/sci-fantasy all at once.

And Spelljammer Academy‘s Realmspace Sortie takes it a step further. It builds beautifully on the previous two adventures. Players and DMs will have had the experience of fighting Spelljamming combats. Overcoming Wildspace obstacles. Even solving navigation challenges.


And this represents a synthesis of those elements. It’s not the end of the adventure, but it gives you everything you need. Including showing DMs and Players how even just finding a Spelljamming ship can be an adventure in and of itself.

As they explore the ship, they discover the joys of taking command of their own Spelljammer. But things aren’t always what they appear, and a trap awaits.

Of course, the real adventure is actually getting the ship out into Wildspace. But with a mission to retrieve a valuable asteroid from a not-too-distant world in the works, you’ve got everything you need to launch right into a full-on Spelljammer campaign. And there’s still another segment of this adventure coming out next week! Don’t miss it!

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Author: J.R. Zambrano
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