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Warhammer 40K: Chaos Daemons Get Two Different Saves

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Aug 5 2022

With the upcoming Chaos Daemons Codex Games Workshop is changing Daemon by giving them two different saves! Get ready for a game changer.

This one’s going to take a little getting used to but it could turn out to be a promising change for Chaos Daemons. There’s (apparently) a “mountain of malefic rules” coming with the new codex and one of the new ones is how Daemonic Invulnerability works.

via Warhammer Community

“Conventional armaments use crackling power fields and explosive force to punch through armour and alien hide, yet these munitions have little effect on inhuman horrors from the empyrean. Daemonic Invulnerability provides your seething hordes with two unmodifiable saves. The first represents their durability in melee, and the second offers them a defence against ranged firepower.”

Chaos Daemons, Now With Two Saves

Bloodletters are our first example and you can see how their unmodifiable save went from a 6+ to a split profile of 5+/4+. The first number means they have an unmodifiable 5+ vs melee attacks while the second is an unmodifiable 4+ vs ranged attacks. This should really help Daemons out on the 40k battlefield.

As another aside, check out that new statline! Strength 5 and Toughness 4 now with 2 Attacks base? And you know those Blades of Khorne are going to be pretty deadly as well. They did take a hit to their Leadership…but we’ll have to wait to see if that really makes a huge impact or not.


Pink Horrors also got a new profile, although it’s really just a bump in BS to a 3+. The real interesting change is how their unmodifiable save is now 6+/3+. That means that shooting is going to be even less effective against them.

Just to reiterate, these saves are unmodifiable saves and not invulnerable saves. So things that might bypass an invulnerable save don’t do that vs these Daemon saves. The Warp is weird, man.

There’s even more rules coming for the Chaos Daemons in their new codex. Stay tuned…

Author: Adam Harrison
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