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D&D: Hit the Books! These are the Best Magic Items for Wizards

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Sep 23 2022

Want to make your Wizard absolutely magical? Grab the right gear! Here are some of the best magic items for Wizards in D&D.

Wizards are amazing in D&D, and with good reason. As the saying goes, they don’t call WotC Fighters of the Coast. And it’s true. Wizards are among the stronger classes out there.

They have the biggest spell lists. With practice and a bit of luck, they can have access to the right spell for any situation. On top of that, their subclass abilities make their magic matter more. With the right selection of spells, you can do pretty much anything.

But with the right magic items, your Wizard will be out of this world. Here are some of the best magic items for Wizards in D&D.


Best Magic Items for Wizards

Outfitting Wizards with magic items is a time-honored tradition in D&D. Sure, at first glance you may not need magic items as much as other classes. But Wizards that can rely on their magic items alongside their spells can stretch their powers far.

In fact, in the original inspiration for D&D’s Wizards, Jack Vance’s Dying Earth novels, spellcasters often had to rely on tricks because they could only cast a limited number of spells. And the whole action of the story was how a character would solve a problem through cunning and clever use of items.

And in 5th Edition, it’s never been easier to find good magic items for Wizards.

For starters, every wizard is going to want an Arcane Grimoire. These new magic items, introduced in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything are the Wizard equivalent of a magic item. It’s a magical spellbook that grants you from +1 to +3 to your spell attack rolls, and the saving throw DCs of your Wizard spells. And it gives you an extra spell slot level when you use Arcane Recovery.


For similar reasons, every Wizard can do with Pearls of Power.

Indispensable no matter your spell list or playstyle. Here’s a look at some other magic items that will make Wizards amazing.

Magic Spellbooks

The newest and coolest batch of magic items introduced in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything are the various magical spellbooks. There’s one magic spellbook for each school that allows you to spend one of three charges to replace one of your prepared Wizard spells with a different spell from the book (the list varies per book), or you can use a charge to do an effect related to the school of magic associated with the book:

  • Alchemical Compendium – Transmutation book, spend a charge to transform a nonmagical object into another object (with limits)
  • Astromancy Archive – Divination book, spend a charge and your reaction to roll a d4 and add or subtract its total to a creature making an attack, check, or saving throw nearby
  • Atlas of Endless Horizons – Conjuration book, spend a charge to teleport 10 feet as a reaction when hit by an attack (potentially being missed if it takes you out of range)
  • Crystalline Chronicle – Universal book that can replace any spell for another. Spend a charge to cast a spell without verbal, somatic, or up to 100gp of material components
  • Duplicitous Manuscript – Illusion book, spend a charge to impose disadvantage when someone tries to disbelieve your illusions
  • Heart Weaver’s Primer – Enchantment book, spend a charge to impose disadvantage on saves against your enchantments
  • Libram of Souls and Flesh – Necromancy book, spend a charge to disguise yourself as an undead creature
  • Planecaller’s Codex – Conjuration book, spend a charge to grant your conjured creatures advantage on attack rolls for 1 minute
  • Protective Verses – Abjuration book, spend a charge to grant a creature 2d10 hit points when you cast an abjuration spell

Wands, Staves, and Rods

Another thing every good Wizard will want to have is a magic wand. These typically have 7 charges and allow you to cast a spell or create another magic effect. You might cast a Magic Missile or sense the nearest hostile creature, even if they’re invisible, disguised, or hidden.

But as you get more powerful, you’ll want some variety. And since most magic wands require attunement, there are only so many you can get your hands on. For this reason, Wand of Magic Missiles is pretty good, it’s always a backup plan that takes no attunement slot.


However, if you want even more magic you’ll want a Staff. These items can cast multiple spells that they can cast without spending a spell slot. As well as having other abilities.

  • Staff of Power – This magic staff contains very good spells for any wizard, and can be detonated as a last-ditch spiteful strike
  • Staff of Defense – A great way to get free mage armor, and shields while also granting Wizards a bonus to armor class
  • Staff of Dunamancy – Pick up powerful gravity spells and use them

Robes and Bracers

The other big category of items for Wizards is Robes. Since most Wizards can’t wear armor. Instead, they might pick up a set of magical robes. The single best set of robes is a Legendary magic item known as the Robe of the Archmagi.

While wearing this, your base Armor Class is 15 + Dexterity modifier, making it even better than Mage Armor. And your Spell saves DC and spell attack bonus go up by 2, and you gain advantage on saves vs. spells and other magic effects.

Meaning with a Robe of the Archmagi you can potentially get up to a +5 bonus to your spell-saving throw DC.

The Robe of Stars is another great option. This one lets you cast up to six different 5th-level magic missile spells and you can slip into the Astral Plane to get away from enemies.

Can’t find a robe? Grab a pair of Bracers of Defense, which are a +2 to Armor Class just for wearing them. They stack with Mage Armor too, so they’re a great lower-level item.


But really, when it comes to Wizards, the spell’s the thing

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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