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Games Workshop Rumor Engine: ‘FAN-demonium’

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Sep 20 2022

This new Games Workshop Rumor Engine has us waving our fans in order to keep cool. What could it be? You tell us!

It’s Tuesday which means it’s that time of the week where we get a new teaser from Games Workshop from a future release. Better known as The Rumor Engine! So what’s in store for today? All we can tell is this one is for the fans.

via Warhammer Community

“One of the key responsibilities of the Rumour Department is to make sure that pictures are sufficiently obscure and abstract. Just this morning, the Rumour Engine showed us a whole new miniature in its entirety. It was great, we loved it – you’ll love it – but that won’t do at all. We need an extreme close-up. “

This one looks like a pair of fans that are being held close together. At the same time this reminds me of an insect wing. Perhaps that’s what we’re looking at instead? The color pattern on this “fan” is also interesting even in the grayscale. I’m at a loss for this one. It kind of reminds me of the wings from the Sylvaneth although after looking at those this wing could be from one of their sprites instead.

Maybe it’s something from the Seraphon range? Or what about 40k? I can’t really think of any factions (other than Chaos) that might use something of that design. But really I’m just reaching for straws here — this one has me stumped. But I’m betting that you’ve got some ideas!


That’s the fun of the Rumor Engine afterall. If you’ve got any thoughts or theories drop us a line in the comments and maybe we can all sort this one out.


This Rumor Engine is certainly for the Fans!

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