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Warhammer 40K: Leagues of Votann – 5 League Rules

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Sep 22 2022

Games Workshop showcases 5 rules unique to the Big 5 Leagues of Votann factions. Who’s going to be the best?

In case the internet wasn’t already on fire about the Leagues of Votann rules GW decided to toss on some more fuel to the flames. Considering folks are wanting to ban them from competitive play until they get a tweak, I’m not sure about the timing on this one. For a codex that hasn’t even gotten it’s full release that might be a little prematurely. Then again… welcome to the internet. Regardless, we’re going to take a look a 5 more rules unique to their specific League. Let’s pour some gas on this and get the party started!

via Warhammer Community


“Each of the five Leagues has a different style – and as you’d expect, unique rules to match. “

Greater Thurian League

For their unique Warlord Trait, the Greater Thurian League has Pragmatic Wisdom. This one isn’t all that unique as we’ve seen it many time before. While their Warlord is on the table every time they spend a Command Point they can get it back on a 5+. Simple and effective.

The Kronos Hegemony

The Battle Prowess of the Kronos Hegemony is quite legendary. In fact, this one rival’s the Blood Angel’s imo…Anyhow it allows for the unit/model to get +1 to attacks and +1 to strength when they charge, were charged, or made a Heroic Intervention this turn. This makes them quite punchy.


The Trans-Hyperian Alliance

Nomad Strategist is the Warlord Trait of the Trans-Hyperian Alliance. This one really just allows for some deployment/first turn redeploy shenanigans. Maybe you can use this as a mind game on your opponent. Or maybe it will allow you to pull units from a hot spot and redeploy them later. Either way, up to 3 units get to mess around with Reserves without costing any CP.

The Ymyr Conglomerate

And here’s the big boogeyman! The Ymyr Conglomerate has the best armourers out of all the Leagues. First up the get an extra 4″ to the Range of their ranged weapons (except Relics). This is already pretty spicy. But then they also get either a 4+ or 5+ Invulnerable save depending on their base armour save. Get ready to deal with this gunline of extra range and extra tough armoured shells to crack.

The Urani-Surtr Regulates

The URSR’s rule reveal is a stratagem that I’m not really paying attention to. I’m still thinking about the Ymyr Conglomerate’s faction ability. I can totally see why folks are up in arms about them in particular. I’m all for letting the Leagues have some time to shine but I can see players just opting not to play with or against that army. I did say there were pretty new player friendly and that army screams “sit back and shoot while your army can’t get shot back very well.” Is that a playstyle that you want The it’s the Ymyr Conglomerate all the way.


The heat is on.

Author: Adam Harrison
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