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Warhammer 40K: All The World Eaters Models We Know Of

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Nov 21 2022

The World Eaters are getting a bunch of new models that are hard to keep track of — So here they are in one place!

Games Workshop has been teasing the World Eaters for a few months now and there’s a lot of models they showed off many weeks apart. After this weekend’s reveals I wanted to go back and list them all with their pictures in one place. Bookmark this page for later when you’re planning your own World Eater army!


Khorne Berzerkers

Lord Invocatus / Lord on Juggernaut


Exalted Eightbound



New World Eater Codex

There’s also the “leaked” points. We’re still not 100% sure if these are real but it got the name correct — plus they showed off the World Eater Terminators and those didn’t get updated *whomp whomp*

Also, does the Daemon Prince count? You gotta have one of those, right?


Well, there ya go! That’s all the new models we’ve seen so far. I’m a bit bummed we didn’t see new World Eater Terminators or more World Eaters on Juggernauts…Oh well. Too bad those didn’t even get a points option (yet). You could convert your own from the Skullcrusher kits…

I think I might need to start planning out what I want to run in a full World Eater army now. The new models are mostly Infantry and close-combat focused.  Do you just add Rhinos and Land Raiders? Or maybe you drop in some extra chaff like the Jakhals to soak fire so your Berzerkers can get into combat? Perhaps you mix in some big kits to exert some board control and add in some much needed fire support?

Personally, I don’t want to recreate the old Electric Football Khorne Army from the past. That army lives and dies by it’s charges and armor saves to get into combat. It’s also a very 1 dimensional build. I do wonder if we’re going to get some rules that help the World Eaters make it to combat or if we’re even going to have the options to build a more “balanced” force. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. For now, enjoy drooling over those new models!


Step 1: Add Angron

Step 2: Meatshields

Step 3: ????


Step 4: Profit (with SKULLS)

Author: Adam Harrison
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