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Warhammer 40K Hot Mess – Plasma Pistols!

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Nov 22 2022

Who would want to carry a pistol that is gonna shoot off your arm, face, etc and barely cause any damage to what your shooting at.  Let’s see if we can get them to be better.

I just want to say this is not a paid advertisement for the Family Plasmasis Pistol business.  But man – why do Plasma Pistol suck so much?  And why does all these dang models have them!

Yeah man – I remember when 8th Edition came out and plasma was kinda king.  Cheap ways to throw damage usually carried around by cheap units.  Heck I still have nightmares of a bunch of Scions coming down and lighting me up.  As the edition wore on plasma got kicked more to the wayside and well – it just sorta started being crappy.  Heck how many times have you seen art with plasma pistol totting jerks who think they are bad ass?

Make it Free!

If your kit comes with Plasma Pistols it should just be a free option for your unit.  That is right – everyone check under your seats and see the brand new Plasmasis Hand Melter 5000 brought to you by the fine folks at the Plasmasis Factory.  Only 2 hours since the last hot melty death and counting!

Fix Its Damage To You If It Fails!

Remove the whole killing a model and just make it a Mortal wound to the unit.  This way the guy could – say shove the hot mess towards his buddy and not get hit by it.  It also makes it a lot easier to figure out as so many other things just take Mortal wounds when using plasma.

Let It Do More Damage.

Plasma should just be flat 2 damage and you can overcharge it to 3.  Then the bigger ones should go up a damage from there.  Also – let the Plasma Pistol shoot into combat just like an extra chainsword attack.  You could even choose to overcharge it and if you have a special one maybe even shoot as many shots as the weapon allows.  This would be thematic and let the Plasma Pistol be a scary option.


Make Plasma Pistol Relics Cost points!

Having a cool pistol is cool – but if you make a neat Relic one let it just cost points and not a CP.  Heck give an upgrade for Dark Age Plasmasis Classic Plasma Pistols!  The Classic Taste of Plasma in a vintage shape that reminds you of your grandpa’s Plasma Pistol!  Only 499.99 space bucks!

Just Make It Useful and Needed in a Unit!

I’ve clipped a lot of Plasma pistols this past few weeks as I finish up an Emperor’s Children army.  GW sure loves to throw them on sprues like they are best thing in the universe and my 40K lizard brain demands I keep extra bits so I got a ton of them.  I would love for them to be cool and I sure hope we see some kind of “free” upgrade for them on the Khorne Berzerkers to match how they are on the Death Guard ones.

Let us know how you would fix the unit, down in the comments! 

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