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Christmas with the Cosplayers

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Dec 23 2022

Ho-Ho-Ho, Mistletoe, and Holiday Matsuri galore! Today we’re gearing up for the winter season with some of the freshest holiday cheer – it’s Christmas with the cosplayers!

While mainstream cosplays rule the day, everyone loves a variation! Every holiday season, cosplayers whip out the tinsel, bows, and glitter to spruce up their creations in the spirit of the times. Today we’re celebrating right along with some of the most festive costumes. It’s time for Christmas with the cosplayers!

Holiday Sailor Scouts cosplay group by @ashsnapem, @koholint_cosplay, @spacecadet_cosplay, @adventtraitor_cosplay, @thegeekyseamstress, @vickiebane Tiaras: @pockypants .

As we wrap up our holiday shopping and bunker down to enjoy our eggnog and time curled up in front of the fire, we’re taking a few moments to appreciate the holiday cosplay variations. We’ve trolled the internet for some really cute holiday cosplay inspiration. Any cosplay can be made Christmas (or Hannukah or Kwanza, for example) with a little bit of ornamentation. We hope you enjoy some of these cute holiday cosplay variants!

Christmas Ruby cosplay by Labinnak & Mangoloo Cosplays – L&MC  Photographer: HeadphoneStudios

Christmas with the Cosplayers: Holiday Matsuri

Mettaton: @keyozee Papyrus: @ethereal-ghostie Undyne: @milkyteaze

Tinkerbelle Cosplay by Tink-Ichigo


Corrin from Fire Emblem Cosplay by Tiny Titania

Overwatch D.vA Cosplays by Bindi Smalls and Byndo Gehk, Image by Martin Wong

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