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‘Star Trek: Picard’ S3 – The Biggest Revelations From the Final Trailer

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Jan 31 2023

With only two weeks left before the final season of Star Trek: Picard, the final trailer reveals some huge clues.

Ten episodes. That is all that stands between us and the end of Star Trek: Picard. And it’s possible that this is also the end of the road for Star Trek: The Next Generation as well. For all the conversations about more movies or TV shows with this classic cast, tomorrow is promised to no one.

We have one final trailer to parse. And in around two and a half minutes, that trailer tells us a lot. In fact, at this point, it feels as though we have a solid sense of at least how the story begins. We see more of the classic cast, more of the new ships, and two new, and likely very important, faces.

With that in mind, here are the most important moments from this final Picard trailer and what we think those moments mean.

Courtesy of Paramount Plus

“The Likes of You Two”

“You will probably find this inspection boring for the likes of you two.” Those are the first lines we hear in this final trailer from the current captain of the Titan. And those words are very telling if you think about them. So telling, in fact, we think they confirm the setup for the season.

We know Picard gets a secret message from an old Enterprise-D communicator. We assume this message is from Beverly Crusher. And in this trailer, we see a message from Crusher that says “trust no one”. But we also see Picard with Riker and Seven of Nine on the Titan. And then we hear the word “inspection”. Hmm.

Let’s put it all together. After receiving a disturbing Message from Beverly Crusher, Jean-Luc Picard asks his old first officer William T. Riker to help figure out what’s going on. And for whatever reason, the two go someplace in the Titan under the guise of an “inspection”.

Seven of Nine appears to be the first officer of the Titan, but we don’t know if she also knows what’s up. We can say however that, if the current Titan captain doesn’t know, then he and everyone on the ship but Seven also do not know what’s up.

And if the trailer is not misdirecting, then we can assume one other thing: the rest of the cast does not enter the equation until at least a little later.


Courtesy of Paramount Plus

Raffi is Using Again

The trailer shows Raffi spraying something in her eyes. And if I’ve ever watched science fiction before, the spray is probably some kind of illegal narcotic. We know Raffi had a snakeleaf addiction at some point, and it feels very unlikely that addiction would return if Raffi and Picard were still together.

Which brings us to a very big question: what is Raffi up to and how does her story intersect with Picard’s? And based on this trailer and the previous one, we have one word we think explains at least part of what’s going on: Worf.

In both Picard trailers, Worf talks about how he used to be like Raffi: violent and out of control. And in this trailer, they fight one another. The big question is: what’s going on with them? We see them with each other more than with the rest of the crew.

Is Raffi looking for Worf? Is Worf looking for Raffi? Are they working together on a separate mission? It feels like, whatever part they play in this final season, it’s a shared one.

Courtesy of Paramount Plus

Why is Geordi So Mad?

At some point, it looks like Picard and Riker meet Geordi LaForge at a space station. And Geordi looks pissed! What gives? Well, we have a theory and it also links up to the general vibe of the reunion, too.


In the first trailer, Beverly Crusher says “it will be what it always was: attempts on your life”. In this trailer Picard says it’s “life or death” and Geordi responds, “When is it not?” In the last trailer we see one of Geordi’s daughters at the helm of what we assume is the Titan. And in this trailer, we see his other daughter.

In short: Geordi is angry because his family is in danger, likely due to decisions Picard makes. And there is a real possibility that Worf, Crusher, and even Riker and Troi may feel similarly. Back in season one, Picard puts Riker and Troi’s daughter at risk, now he’s expanding the risk further.

For all the excitement at the thought of heartfelt reunions, it’s just as possible that Picard’s about to be met with a lot of distrust and frustration. More than that, there’s no guarantee everyone makes it out alive. We see something blow up on a nearby ship and Picard cradles his head in grief. What happened? And might that explosion involve someone old or someone new?

Courtesy of Paramount Plus

Are These Our Villains?

Worf says there is an attack and the target may be Starfleet. But if Starfleet is under threat, the natural question is: under threat by whom? The final Star Trek: Picard trailer gives us a lot of potential options. And some of those options are not even the obvious ones. Then again, are the villain actually the villains at all?

We know Lore, for example, is in this season, we know Geordi is not happy about it, and that’s all – until now. In this trailer we get one Lore line: “That’s just human nature, pal.” Lore is not a humanity fan – at least last we saw him way back in the Star Trek: The Next Generation story “Descent”. But maybe that’s changed. If Lore is there, is he there to help or hinder?

And you know who else seems at least antagonistic at a bare minimum: the other new character from this trailer. Ed Speleers plays an associate of Beverly Crusher’s and that’s all we know about him so far. But in the trailer he phaser a gun to Riker, he asks Picard if anyone is the person Picard thought they were, and he’s just kind of surly in general. His working with Crusher makes us assume he’s a good guy, but what if he’s working against everyone? Didn’t Beverly herself say “trust no one”?

But of course, the biggest question mark sits atop the head of Captain Vadic. Who is she? Why does she want vengeance? And why does everyone around her wear a creepy bird mask? We don’t know. But our instincts say that obvious villains seldom are actual villains. So our question is: who is pulling Vadic’s strings?


Courtesy of Paramount Plus

A Funny Thing About Troi

In both Star Trek: Picard season three trailers Troi refers to an all-consuming darkness on a ship. But here’s a question: which ship is she referring to? The Titan? The Enterprise? How about this: what if it’s Vadic’s ship? Because in most cases, we see Troi shrouded in darkness in these trailers.

What’s Troi doing on an enemy vessel? Is she there on purpose? Or has she been kidnapped? What if Troi is working for the enemy? Troi is an empath, perhaps she senses something in Vadic, some larger need, that the rest of the crew does not pick up on.

People have all these questions about Lore and about this mysterious guy with Beverly Crusher. Everyone wants to know about the rest of the cast, but no one’s asking about Troi. But something about this trailer gives us a funny feeling that Troi plays a larger role in this story than people are expecting her to.

Those are our five big takeaways from the final trailer. What are your guesses?

‘Star Trek: Picard’ season three debuts on Paramount Plus beginning February 16.

Lina Morgan
Author: Lina Morgan
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