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Star Wars: The Five Weirdest Ships From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

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Jan 13 2023

Star Wars has some weird spaceship stuff in it. REALLY weird spaceship stuff.

Star Wars, as the name implies, sometimes takes place in space, among the stars as such spaceships are a huge and iconic part of the setting. There are a ton of amazing and iconic designs in the setting, many of them are downright works of art, while others are exemplars of functionality. Others, however, are just… weird. Today let’s take a look at five of the strangest ships to grace a galaxy far far away.

5. The Darksaber Isn’t the Weirdest Ship, But It’s Close

First up on the list of weirdest ships. The Darksaber was a Hutt-designed superweapon in the old Expanded Universe. The idea was fairly simple and made some sense. It was basically, what if you want the firepower of the Death Star but don’t need/want a massive space station with it?

The answer is the Darksaber, which is basically the Death Star super laser, housed in a long tube, with some engines on the back and minimum command and crew compartments. Instead of a battle station, you’ve got a much smaller ship (in fact, the idea is pretty much the same as the Xyston-class Star Destroyer from The Rise of Skywalker).

This ship also just happens to look a lot like a Jedi’s lightsaber, with the super laser acting as the “blade.” Of course, since this was built in secret and on the cheap by a bunch of criminals, the whole strange-looking thing was a giant pile of junk. Its armor was easily punched through by New Republic ships, its gun didn’t work, and it ended up running into some asteroids without doing squat.

4. MG-100 StarFortress SF-17

Why does this ship exist? It’s just awkward and strange. It’s a bomber, but really too slow to ever get to a target. It uses bombs that just… fall? Use magnetics? Its bombs also seem to be too slow to be useful. Topping that all off is the fact that is fragile as all get.

3. The Coralskipper

The Coralskipper was a Yuuzhan Vong starfighter in the old Expanded Universe. Like all Yuuzhan Vong ships, the Coralskipper is just… weird. Indeed you could likely replace this entry with any of their ships. Since the Vong hate technology, skipper is a bio-ship. It’s grown out of yorik coral and powered and controlled by other bio-systems.

Its primary weapons are a magma gun and some bioplasma weapons – which somehow are just as good as any lasers. It’s also got a miniature black hole generator that acts as propulsion, shields, and an anti-shield weapon. Oh yeah, and it’s fueled by eating random rocks, which makes it pretty easy to keep running. This ship is kind of dumb, and very weird.

2. Ugly Starfighters

An ugly is a type of starfighter made by cobbling together parts of other ships. Most of the time, this, for some reason, means taking the body of either an Imperial or Rebel ship and slapping the wings of a ship from the opposing faction. While many classes of Ulgy were unique, some were common enough to get names and be seen a lot. They were universally bad, as one might expect.


Some, like the Z’ceptor above, went beyond the simple mashup of two existing ships, taking parts from several designs and making something really odd. Uglies were originally introduced in the old EU, however, in recent canon, Poe Dameron comics have brought this style of the ship into the new era. Truly this is one of the weirdest ships from a galaxy far, far away.

1. TIE Experimental M1 is the Weirdest Star Wars Ship

Just… What? And why!?!

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Let us know what you think is the weirdest Star Wars ship, down in the comments!

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