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The OGL Saga Continues, World Eaters, and More – Weekend Rewind

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Jan 15 2023

Dive into this weekend’s hottest news – Critical Role comments on the OGL saga, a look at Space Marine lore, and Rings of Power theories!

D&D’s OGL Saga Continues As Penny Arcade And ‘Critical Role’ Speak Up

After WotC’s OGL update more creators have spoken up and spoken out about changes, including the folks behind two of D&D’s biggest live-plays. (Check out all of this week’s OGL news here.)


What’s Going On With ‘The Rings Of Power’ Season 2?

The show isn’t over. So what’s going on with The Rings of Power season 2? Some big changes are coming down the pipe for The Rings of Power.


Warhammer 40K: New World Eaters Combat Patrol Incoming

Are you looking to jumpstart a new World Eaters rampage? Good! Games Workshop has you covered with a new Combat Patrol box!


Warhammer 40K: The 20 Space Marine Legions

Long before they were chapters – the Astartes conquered the galaxy with twenty great Space Marine Legions. Here is what is known of them.

MTG: More Completed Planeswalkers

Elesh Norn isn’t pulling any punches, and more fan favorites are getting the Oil Treatment.

Adam and Matt discuss the latest with the D&D OGL news and offer up their favorite alternate RPG system solutions. Then, get into talking about several games with very unique designs.


Author: Mars Garrett
  • Warhammer 40K: Arks of Omen Cards X And XI