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MTG: Middle Earth Unleashes Tom Bombadil And More

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Mar 15 2023

Bright blue is his jacket, and his boots are yellow, the “bard god” Tom Bombadil and more feature in a new batch of LotR x MtG card spoilers.

Hey come merry dol, derry dol my darlings, there’s a new batch of Lord of the Rings and Magic: the Gathering spoilers that prove that every single other person to touch the LotR license is an absolute coward. Because they do what no one else is willing or brave enough to even attempt, and that’s to put Tom Bombadil anywhere remotely considered “on-screen.”

Not only that but there’s the One Ring, the even more One Ring, One Ring, and Aragorn and Arwen finally getting together. This is a set that’s made Magic players, a group that famously hates everything new until it’s old enough that they’ve loved it the whole time, actually happy to see it. So, huge win there. Take a look.

Lord of the Ring x Magic: the Gathering Spoilers

We start off with Tom Bombadil himself. Jolly Tom here is a five-color god bard, who is hexproof and indestructible as long as you’ve got multiple Sagas out. As one Saga ends, another begins, and so it is that ol’ Tom Bombadil and the River-woman’s Daughter pass away their time telling stories and occasionally saving the odd errant hobbit or two.

Meanwhile there’s the One (of one) Ring. An exclusive collector card that only one person in the whole world will get to have, because at the end of the day there is only one Lord of the Ring. And he does not share power.

But you will still, of course, be able to get some of the other versions of the One Ring. Just not this one.


Speaking of rings, there’s a ring (of the wedding variety) uniting Arwen and Aragorn here. Much like the Phyrexian team-ups, here we have a team-up almost as famous as Beren One-Hand and Luthien Tinuviel. Sure their love might not be enough to put a star into space, but it’s still a love story for the ages.

Now we come to the book-accurate Magic card that is teaching an entire generation the hard way that Gandalf never actually says “you shall not pass” in the books. Reading is fundamental, memory, on the other hand, is subject to all manner of tricks.

Speaking of tricks, no one is as tricksy as Gollum, Patient Plotter. The Ring tempts you whenever he leaves the battlefield, and he keeps coming back. The cycle continues.


And indeed, the set continues, with more spoilers coming soon, so be on the look out for more Lord of the Rings in Magic: the Gathering!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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