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Warhammer 40K: Arks of Omen Card XX – Galaxy Inversed

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Mar 17 2023

It’s the 20th Arks of Omen tarot card reading and this could completely turn the galaxy upside down.

We were on an upswing with some positive and maybe hopeful prophecies from the Arks of Omen. So how does this one play out? Well…it’s an inversion of a previous card. That’s probably good, right?



Arks of Omen Card XX – De Galaxis Profundi Invertus

XX – Galaxy (Inversed)

Galaxy Inversed

But everything will change


Reality bleeds

Destiny sickens

The galaxy grows dark

And darker still


So I guess we’re not on the positive trend any more. This one seems pretty straightforward after some of the other cards. Everything is changing and it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be good. Now, we have a funny feeling that this could be related to the upcoming Adepticon Preview. So is this a meta jab at things changing? Will the grimdark get grimmer and darker? Are we going to have a Destiny crossover? I mean, I doubt that last one but everything else kind of checks out.

We’re on the cusp of some big changes coming to Warhammer 40,000. And we still have a few more “chapters” of the Arks of Omen saga to go. Sure, Farsight has been announced but that book is still a ways away from actually launching, right? I do appreciate GW’s agility to tease out a plot thread with the Arks of Omen but some of these things have been revealed already. Like the Dante reveal. I wonder if that is related to the Arks of Omen story, too.

Whatever happens this Arks of Omen tarot card thing has been going on for 20 weeks straight. That’s honestly an impressive string of teasers. That also makes me wonder about GW’s production pipeline and just how far out stuff is planned. I mean, from the Rumor Engines we know that things can be over a year old before they are revealed. So maybe it’s more impressive they put together these mini video packages with creepy voice overs and menacingly vague dialogue. I say keep’em coming!


The one constant in the galaxy is change.


Author: Adam Harrison
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