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We’re Going on a Thorn Princess Job With This ‘Spy X Family’ Yor Forger Cosplay

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Mar 27 2023

Is she a world-class assassin or a perfectly normal mother and wife? Let’s find out with this Yor Forger cosplay.

Spy X Family is one of last year’s biggest new anime. It follows the Forger family where the dad is a spy, the mom is an assassin, and the daughter is psychic. And none of them are family; they’re just pretending so the government doesn’t look into their cover stories too hard.

It’s a pretty darn adorable show that’s equal parts slice-of-life family and double-life-espionage, as Loid and Yor both try to keep their secret lives secret and Anya just tries her best not to fail out of school. And her best? It isn’t always very good. Right now the show is between seasons, but we’re looking forward to season two’s release in December of this years, as well as the Spy X Family CODE: White feature film.


In her secret assassin life, Yor goes by the codename ‘Thorn Princess.’ And it is of course complete with a very cosplayable dress. Plus it doesn’t hurt that Yor is an especially likeable and popular character from one of the most popular anime out there right now. Cosplayer StardustRoad take on Yor Forger is great with dynamic shots full of movement that show off the details and drape of their costume. And with their stoic expression, you could actually believe they’re in the middle of a job.

Yor Forger, with permission by StardustRoad.

“When you point a blade at someone…you don’t get to complain when one is pointed back at you.”

“I know that this family is just for appearances. But… I still feel like… I want to be a better mother to that girl.”

Loid Forger by Kuji. Photo by Martina Brui Photography.

“I hope this kind of peace will go on forever.”


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