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10th Edition Starter Boxes, ‘Dune: Part Two’, ‘Wheel of Time’, More – Weekend Rewind

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Apr 30 2023

Dive into this weekend’s hottest news – first look at the 10th Edition starter boxes, plus art-inspired cosplays and a closer look at D&D’s Pelor.

Warhammer 40K: 10th Edition Starter Box Tyranids

Games Workshop showed off the launch box for Warhammer 40,000: 10th Edition. The Hive Mind hungers for the new Tyranid models!

Warhammer 40K: 10th Edition Starter Box Space Marines

The other half of the new Leviathan Starter Box will be Space Marines and the Techmarines have been working overtime!


‘The Wheel Of Time’ Season 2 New Teaser Q&A Gives Us A Big Mystery To Unravel

We’ve finally got a new teaser for The Wheel of Time Season Two and with it comes a big mystery.



From Canvas To Cosplay: The Best Of Art-Inspired Cosplays

Cosplayers are bringing artistic expression to new heights through art-inspired cosplay designs.

First ‘Dune: Part Two’ Photos Reveal Princess Irulan And Feyd Rautha

The first photos of Dune: Part Two are finally here – Austin Butler’s Feyd Rautha would eat Sting’s version alive.



D&D: Here Comes The Sun – Turns Out It’s Pelor

Sometimes the sun rises. Sometimes it comes thundering over the horizon riding a ki-rin. At least, it does if it’s Pelor, god of the sun.


Author: Mars Garrett
  • Warhammer 40K: 10th Edition Starter Box Space Marines