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Warhammer 40K: 10th Edition Toughest Targets So Far

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May 20 2023

Games Workshop has tossed out a bunch of datacards for Warhammer 40,000: 10th — which ones are the toughest units so far?

We took a look a some of the Heavy Hitters, so now it’s time to take a closer look at some of the Toughest Targets in the game that we’ve seen up to this point. With all the datacards for various units that have come out it’s starting to get easier to compare what the actual Toughness stat of things in the game will be. It’s also another datapoint to look at to compare with the design change of increasing the Toughness (which lowers the lethality) across the board…or at least on the higher end. So how do these units stack? Let’s take a look to find out.


Why is the Swarmlord on this list? Well, because he’s clocking in at a very respectable Toughness of 10 with 10 wounds, a 2+ normal save and a 4+ Invulnerable save. That’s actually relatively tough for 10th edition. To put that in perspective he’s tougher than a Rhino to kill and those can take a couple melta blasts now. Are there tougher vehicles out there than a Rhino? Absolutely. But from the datacards we’ve seen not too many come with a 2+/4++ save on top of the Toughness and wounds. Also, the Swarmlord is a Leader. That means he might also have some bodyguard options around making him an even tougher target to take out.

Land Raider

Of course we had to include a Land Raider in this list. For the simple fact that it’s clocking in with Toughness 12, 16 wounds, and a 2+ save. It’s lacking the invulnerable compared to say the Swarmlord, but still…that’s real tough! It was kind of a toss-up between this or the Hekaton Land Fortress. Since they both have basically the same stats and have “Land” in the name. Here’s a look at it’s data card for comparison-sake:

Since we used the Land Fort in the Heavy Hitters list we figured we’d just go with the Land Raider this time around.


Imperial Knight

We’re not entirely sure if Canis Rex will be the only Imperial Knight with a 5+ Invulnerable save but even if it’s not the Toughness 12 with 22 wounds can’t be ignored! What’s not on the datacard is the Detachment Rule which makes this even tougher:

That whole beefcake profile AND it also has access to a Feel No Pain ability of 6+ or 5+ if it becomes Honoured. Yikes! That’s got to make this one of the toughest targets in the game, hands down.



Taking the Toughness up to 13 we have the Baneblade. A 2+ save covering 24 wounds is going to be tough to take out. Thankfully (?) it doesn’t have an Invulnerable save to deal with…but I still don’t know what to do to this thing besides point a couple Volcano Cannons at it and pray to the Emperor for some hot dice!


The final entry on our list is the Necron Monolith. It had to make the cut for the simple fact that it’s got the highest Toughness stat we’ve seen so far at a mountain topping 14! Add in the 2+ save and 20 wounds and you’ve got a tough, living-metal cookie to chew on. To be completely honest I don’t know how much more effective Toughness 14 is going to be vs say Toughness 13. There’s not too many weapons that we’ve seen that are going to be able to wound on 3+ vs either… That said, not even a Volcano Cannon is wounding this on a 2+ which is saying something!


I’d still take the odds to wound it on a 3+ though…

Honorable Mention: Be’lakor

We had to mention Be’lakor because he’s actually got more wounds than the Swarmlord with the same Toughness as well as ALSO packing a 4+ Invulnerable save. He doesn’t have leader but he’s still deceptively tough thanks to Wreathed in Shadows which makes him untargetable by ranged attacks outside of 18″. Hey, if you can’t shoot him with your Volcano Cannon then he’s effectively invincible, right?


There’s lots of super tough targets out there. Which ones are your favorite?



Author: Adam Harrison
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