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Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Two More Villains From The New Core Set

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Aug 30 2023

Atomic Mass Games is continuing their previews from the updated core set coming soon for Marvel: Crisis Protocol.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol is getting a brand new core set refresher that includes alternate and updated heroes and villains in the box. We’ve already gotten a couple looks at the heroes. And we’ve gotten a look at a pair of villains, too. Now we’re getting a look at Red Skull and Doctor Octopus!

Red Skull, Master of the World

via Atomic Mass Games

Red Skull is back with an alternate version. He’s still got his hands on the Cosmic Cube so he’s still a threat! What really makes his basic attack dangerous is that he can choose between energy or mystic for the damage type to target their weaker defense. Reality Bows to Me! is his other attack and if you happen to get lucky it can potentially hit every enemy character within range once.

He also has two more energy spenders with Reshape the World and Nothing is Beyond My Reach. Both of these powers allow for some positional manipulation.

His injured side doesn’t really change his stats all that much. He still has Power is Only for the One Who Rules which allows him to spend other allies energy when he’s performing a superpower action. And he’s also in charge of the Cabal Affiliation and as such he gets a leadership ability, too.


Doc Ock, Sinister Scientist

via Atomic Mass Games

Doctor Otto Octavius has a few updates as well! Let’s just skip down to the Sinister Six Affiliation because, YES, they are coming to the game! Doc Ock is the leader and as such he’s got his leadership ability for the members of the Sinister Six. It allows for some extra energy and also to remove a status effect once per turn. Not too shabby!

Doc Ock’s attacks are a lot like you’d expect. His Striking Tentacles do have the added benefit of each wild result counts as two successes making this a fairly reliable attack for him. Additionally, his Arm Lasers 2.0 did get an upgrade. While it might seem weak as it’s only strength 4 keep in mind that it’s a Beam attack at range 4! He’s going to be able to hit a LOT of targets with those new lasers. And his final attack is Scientific Breakthrough and boy, does it break through! If the target takes damage from the attack then they are also hit with a Bleed, Poison, and Shock special condition. Yikes!


Stat-wise his injured side is effectively the same as well. Ock’s Grasp allows him to toss terrain around and he’s also got Scientific Hubris which allows him some extra energy generation, too. And finally he’s got Wall Crawler because of course he does!

The new Marvel: Crisis Protocol Core Set is coming soon from AMG!

Author: Adam Harrison
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