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MTG: Wilds Of Eldraine Spoilers Unveil A Ferocious Mother Goose And A Gingerbread Knight

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Aug 17 2023

Wilds of Eldraine is fully leaning into the Eldraine in a new batch of spoilers. Faerie tales run rampant in these new Wilds of Eldraine Spoilers.

Have you ever though, “hey what if faerie tales were monsters?” If so, congratulations on being alive during the years 2003 until around 2014. Dark adaptations of faerie stories were the megafauna of those halcyon days. They ruled the landscape. With Bigby Wolf and the ever-escalating stakes of Fables, to grim and dark looks at some of the most iconic stories, culminating in Maleficent.

It hard a dark, creepy Lana del Rey cover of the Sleeping Beauty song. Look it doesn’t get any more dark faerie tale than that. Everything afterwards was downhill, starting with Into the Woods (I’m sorry but it’s true) and ending in the utterly forgettable dark reboot of the Nutcracker back in 2018. Well Magic: the Gathering is bringing back nostalgia for those bygone days with Wilds of Eldraine, which dares to ask: what if Mother Goose was actually a hydra?

Wilds of Eldraine Spoilers

Let’s start with the mother of them all. The Goose Mother is hungry, and every time she eats, you can draw a card. Since you can decide how big a mother this one is, it’s not a bad way to play with Food decks. Just hope you brought enough, the Goose Mother has many mouths to feed.

Then we have the Besotted Knight, which just goes to show you can be a furry and a faerie tale all at the same time.


Restless Cottage plays extremely well with Baba Lysaga, as well it should be.

Meanwhile Warehouse Tabby is an ironically named Black cat who creates Rats any time an enchantment goes into a graveyard.

Stroke of Midnight is a real Cinderella story, which is nice.

Beluna Grandsquall makes for a Legendary Adventurer, capable of milling your adventures into your hand. A fine Commander, for those looking to capitalize on that mechanic.


Let’s not forget Syr Ginger, Ender of Meals, who is awaiting her own Shrek spin-off movie treatment.

Finally, my personal favorite of the set, Rat Out. Not only is it fun to play, it’s fun to yell at your opponent when you play it.

Rat Out!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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