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Ride the Stuffed Unicorn With ‘The Witcher’ Yennefer Closet Cosplay

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Aug 3 2023

Grab your Witcher and mount up; it’s time to build the Yennefer cosplay of Geralt’s dreams!

As The Witcher show completes its third season on Netflix, gamers are asking themselves MANY questions about why they didn’t just stick with the game’s storyline. This week we’re yearning for storylines of games past- and getting a good chuckle out of the game’s most hilarious moments. Grab your stuffed unicorn and strap in; it’s time for the Yennefer cosplay build!

Yennefer is one of the stylish, sassiest, most ambitious characters in the Witcher games. Her on-and-off-again love affair with Geralt is the stuff of legends–specifically, legends that include gigantic unicorns! The games differ from the show’s costumes for Yen, as she stomps around in sexy thigh boots and black-on-black leather. Toss out the gowns and grab your feathers–we’re building a dream Yennefer closet cosplay!

Yennefer of Vengerberg character art

Yennefer Closet Cosplay: The Corset

Black leather buckled corset for Yennefer cosplay

Black leather corsets and various tops are easy to find, whether you hit up a thrift store or Amazon. The choice in details is up to you, just go for something intricate with lots of detail work, and you’ll be sure to stop the show.

Black leather and fabric one shouldered corset with collar for Yennefer cosplay

I’ve been a fan of this specific corset for YEARS, fully intending to use it for a gender-bent Sephiroth cosplay. If you have one similar in your closet, whip that bad boy out and layer it for your Yennefer cosplay. You can also go with different pieces, like belting and other accessories, to create a layered effect all your own. Go crazy and make this unique- it’s your cosplay!

Yennefer Cosplay: The Tunic

white flowy blouse with fitted sleeves for Yennefer cosplay

A simple flowy blouse or tunic is a great base layer for under your corsets. The only key point here is the fitted cuff- that will make your gloves and other accessories fit more snugly and keep the flowy sleeves from running away with you. Trust me, that’s a thing that happens.


Yennefer Closet Cosplay: The Pants

black faux leather leggings for Yennefer cosplay

Any black pants will do for this, but bonus points for leather to tie into the corset and other accessories. You want to go with something fitted down to the ankle (or even go with capri pants since the bottoms will be covered) so that, like the blouse, nothing gets in the way of the fit of your boots. And you WANT the boots to be shown off.

Yennefer Cosplay: The Boots

black fitted thigh high boots with buckles for Yennefer cosplay

Here is the most fun part of the cosplay. I personally love to keep a black thigh-high boot in my wardrobe (because of REASONS), so whip out whatever you’ve got that’s best. Or, go shopping for something new, JUST because you can. I am particularly fond of these because the wide heel will make them comfortable to walk in for miles and look fierce doing it.


Yennefer Closet Cosplay: The Necklace

black leather necklace with compass rose pendant for Yennefer cosplay

You can skip Yennefer’s necklace if you like, but the piece has become even more iconic thanks to the show. A simple black band around the throat would get the point across, but options online for a replica are EVERYWHERE right now. (And not at all expensive).

Yennefer Cosplay: Shoulder Accessories

black feathered shoulder pads for Yennefer cosplay

If you want to go the extra mile for the detailing, Yennefer’s feathered/furred stole is a great cherry on top of the cosplay. There are myriad details you can pull out for this draped piece, and it will go with a ton of black dress-up looks or other cosplays. Or check out this gorgeous piece we found!

Yennefer Closet Cosplay: The Gloves

black leather gloves for Yennefer cosplay

Last but not least, we have the gloves. Whether riding, doing magic, or smacking around your witcher… The gloves tie the whole look together. Leather with black fur or feather trim will go gorgeously with the other details of this cosplay.

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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