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The Best Board Game to Play Between Sessions of ‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ is 25% Off

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Aug 14 2023

Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate is just like normal D&D. But here, at least, you know your “allies” are actually working against you.

While everyone is currently out there playing through Baldur’s Gate 3 and definitely not doing anything unseemly as a bear, there are plenty of options for living and surviving on the Sword Coast.

As you might expect, Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate is based on the Betrayal series of games. The base game is wildly unbalanced but a ton of fun, and there is also the legacy version. But the best version, in my opinion, is obviously the Scooby-Doo version. But for everyone else with more grown-up sense, you’ll probably prefer Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate.

Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate Overview

Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate is a narrative and semi-competitive traitor game. The game takes place in two main phases. In the first half of the game, players work together, exploring the city, finding magic items, dark omens, and random events.

At some point, it will suddenly flip to the second (and best) part of the game, the Haunt. Midway through the game, one player becomes a traitor. They gain a separate win condition from the rest of the players, who are now working against the single traitor.

The game contains 50 different scenarios, each with unique mechanics, rules, and victory conditions. The game itself will determine which scenario ultimately is chosen, so it’s quite literally a different game every time you play.

Players can choose from 6 different characters with unique stats and special abilities. And each character comes with a fully pre-painted mini, With the rise of board games getting infused into RPGs, who’s to say who couldn’t use Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate as part of your D&D campaign?

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Author: Matt Sall
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