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D&D: WizKids Classic Collection Reveals Mini Monsters from the Lich to Nagas

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Sep 12 2023

WizKids revealed the K-N monster minifigs from the pages of 1st Edition. From Kobolds to Nagas, feast your eyes on the Classic Collection.

One of the most triumphant aspects of being an adult is getting to buy all the toys you wanted growing up. As a kid, if you were buried in the pages of your Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual, the WizKids Classic Collection of mini-figures has probably caught your eye by now.

Now it’s time for the letters K through N, featuring another set of small, 3D tokens of your hard-won nostalgia. This round of monsters includes a Kobold, a Lich, a Lizardfolk, a Merfolk, a Mind Flayer, a Minotaur, a Mummy, and a Naga.

Our resident D&D expert put it best–

There is something absolutely special about the first edition Monster Manual. There’s no unified art theory. TSR famously employed family members, and if you believe the Apocrypha, people who happened to be nearby, to do little drawings. And it shows.

[…]That’s what makes it live on, even to this day. 5th Edition could never.

–J.R. Zambrano

This is the fourth set of mini figures that uses sculpts based on original artwork from the 1977 Monster Manual. And from the looks of these pictures, WizKids nailed it.

Figures for Monsters K-N will be available for purchase in February 2024. The retail price will be $89.99 for the box set, which includes all of the delightful monsters you see above. The previous box sets cover monsters A-C, D-F, and G-J. Model renderings sure have gotten spiffier since the first set was announced.

Which of the set is your favorite monster? That Lich is pretty haunting. Does this bring you back to the good ol’ days of First Edition’s chaotic art style? Let us know in the comments below!


Author: Danni Danger
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