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Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Five Alternate Versions Of Characters We Want

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Sep 22 2023

These characters exist in the mainline Marvel Comics but we want their alternate versions to show up in Marvel: Crisis Protocol!

Atomic Mass Games already has a pretty impressive roster of Marvel: Crisis Protocol characters but the thing about comics is that there are always more. Here are a few alternate versions of characters we hope one day make it to the tabletop.

Old Man Logan

I’m not going to go too deep with this one. The long and short of this one is that it’s an alternate version of Wolverine from a distant future. There’s already some time-line shenanigans and dimension-crossing stuff that happens. But that’s not the point. This version of Wolverine also crossed over to the main Marvel Comics universe for a brief time and had a beer with a younger version of himself. Why? Because COMICS.


The point is the Old Man Logan is a tragic version of Wolverine and he would be a great addition to the line-up. It would be awesome to have him fight alongside X-23 in a different form…

Maestro (Hulk)

Much like Old Man Logan, Maestro is an alternate version of the Hulk. Make no mistake about it either this version is a supervillain. He’s got quite the backstory and he’s quite a twist on the Hulk for sure. There’s also some timey-wimey stuff that happens with this character as well. But really, I just want a version of the Hulk with a five-head and full on mane for hair!

Captain Carter

What if Peggy Carter got the Super-Soldier Serum instead of Steve Rogers?  Well, you’ve have Captain Carter! This would be a really cool version to have in the game as she’s basically Captain America but, ya know, it’s Peggy Carter. Her miniseries basically starts the same way as she gets pulled from the ice after an incident during WWII. I would also love to see this version because I feel like her appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was criminally short.

Wolverine (Laura Kinney)


While we already have X-23 in Marvel: Crisis Protocol this version is one from a bit further in her own timeline. She takes up the mantle of Wolverine because he died after being encased in Adamantium. Don’t worry — he got better (because COMICS). Anyhow, Laura becomes the new Wolverine and rocks an awesome costume as a nod to Logan. This version would pair up nicely with an Old Man Logan release. I’m just throwing that out there…

Unstoppable Colossus

So here’s the deal — this already happened. Atomic Mass Games unleashed a version of this as a Game Night Kit. Players had to band together in an attempt to stop the unstoppable. But here’s the thing: they never made a model for him. You can technically dig up his rules but there was no official model.  That’s really what I’d like to see. If Atomic Mass Games reboxed the encounter and created the actual mini I’d be all over that in a heartbeat!


What alternate versions of characters would you like to see arrive in Marvel: Crisis Protocol?

Author: Adam Harrison
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