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Warhammer 40K: How Nasty Are the New Tyranids? – FTN

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Sep 12 2023

How much can the first codex of the new edition of Warhammer 40k tell us about where the game is going? I think we need more data.

The Tyranids book brings us a lot of detachments, new units and new abilities.  It stacks up really well against a lot of what we see out there in the field right now.  Triple Norn Emissaries might be a real thing.

We cover the new units currently up for preorder and spend a lot time on the Emissary itself.  It’s pretty nice with the ability to shrug off damage and put a lot of OC right where you want it.

We don’t get too much into the strategy of Tyranids with this show but we do ooh and ahh over some cool abilities and what sort of power opponents might expect to see right out of the game. OC and Battleshock are becoming more and more of a thing as the game develops.  I like to see this.  A meaningful morale mechanic and units being able to compete for points is an excellent additional layer or two of balance.

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Author: Paul Murphy
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