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Warhammer 40K X JOYTOY: Is It Time For Some Kill Team Rules?

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Sep 23 2023

The JOYTOY line for Warhammer 40,000 is getting rather large. It might be time for some Action Figure Kill Team!

When JOYTOY first announced they were partnering with Games Workshop to create action figures for Warhammer 40,000 I think we all figured it was only a matter of time before folks used these for games. With the highly modular toys and wide array of wargear it seems only natural that Kill Team would be the perfect fit. And the range is getting large enough that there are plenty of Kill Teams you can construct from the JOYTOY range.

Just checking their site and filtering for 40k, there’s 13 pages worth of action figures to shop for. They cover a fairly wide array of armies, too. There are various flavors of Space Marines which we’ve highlighted before. But now, there’s Chaos Space Marines, Guardsmen, Adeptus Custodes, Adeptus Mechanicus, Orks, Sister of Battle, and a few more that are buried in the search results.


…and T’au, Necrons, and Grey Knights…

JOYTOY X Kill Team?

So which 40k rules would work best? As mentioned above probably Kill Team! You’d have to do some work converting all the ranges for the size difference but everything else should work. Oh, and you’ll probably want to figure out some way to account for the lack of a base. If you’ve got any of the old 5″ templates you could use those for a standard infantry model…in a pinch.  Or just measure directly to the model themselves.

Another option for game play would be the old Inquisitor system. I’ve always been a fan of this system (even if it was a little clunky at times). The scale is “close enough” that it doesn’t require a ton of work to convert stuff over. It’s perfect for small scale skirmish games with much larger figures.


If you wanted to get real crazy don’t forget there are various vehicles and Dreadnought-sized units from JOYTOY, too. I don’t know if I’d want to go that route personally, but those are options.

Now, is this really a feasible option? Short answer: Yes. The price point per model is obviously much higher — but you’ll only need 3-5 action figures to play a small Kill Team game. It still might be cheaper than a full 40k army! The tricky part will be having to create terrain. Thankfully, there’s tons of 1:18 scale toys out there to customize. JOYTOY’s main scale is 1:18 but Space Marines are also supposed to be +8′ tall so keep that in mind when you’re carving up stuff for terrain!

That’s going to be quite the board size…

In fact, folks are already doing this and it’s fun to see. I could easily see JOYTOY Kill Team pop-up as a small event or side event at some of the bigger conventions. While would be a niche crowd at first, we’ve all seen the Titan Clubs come together to have massive games on the floor. This wouldn’t be any crazier than that!


Would you want to try out a game of JOYTOY Kill Team?

Author: Adam Harrison
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