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Goatboy’s Grimdark Armylist: Xmas Box World Eaters – HO HO HO CHOP!

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Nov 17 2023

With the 40K Xmas boxes getting released soon, here’s how to build a World Eaters army from the ground up with one.

Out of all the 2023 Holiday boxes we have seen, the easiest one to build your list around is definitely the World Eaters boxed set.  Everything in the box is valid and usable in current winning WE lists. So if you even dreamed about yelling Skulls for the Skull throne this is the one to start with!

Which leads me into what else should you do?  The box is sitting at $230.00 bucks and it really just sets up your main “meat” of the army.  A few more boxes, some of the data cards, and some dice and you pretty much are ready to go.


Which is awesome for those wanting to dive into the game.  The army isn’t crazy huge, most of the things can be easy to get, and it plays pretty quickly.  It forces you to learn movement which is the biggest key in any of these wargames.  You can throw a bazillion dice at someone, but if you can’t control the movement phase of the game, you will lose – especially in the face of decent/heavy terrain.

Let’s price out my World Eaters Xmas list and see what you end up at.  I have had a few talks with people on the costs of the game.  While 40K has gone up it is cheaper than some other hobbies.  I think the biggest cost factor and one of the things hard to judge, is just finding the right group to play with.  If you have stores and friends playing the game, then the investment is worth your time and hard-earned dollary-doos.

Xmas Box World Eaters

Let’s Price it out – XMAS Box – $230 MSRP or $195 through some discounts.  I am sure you could find it a bit cheaper if you look around, but that isn’t too bad.

Points-wise wise you get the following:

  • Angron – 415pts
  • 10 Berzerkers – 200pts
  • 6 Exalted Eightbound – 300pts (went exalted as having one big unit combos into other stuff you can do)

This gets you to 915pts which is a nice chunk of your army.  From there we can throw in the Combat Patrol boxed set – which gives you some nice options as well.  This sits at $160 MSRP or $136 discounted.  The box gets you the following to play with and add to your army.

  • Lord Invocatus – 140pts
  • 10 Berzerkers – 200pts
  • 10 Berzerkers – 200pts
  • 10 Jakhals – 70pts

This gives you 610pts for the next round and pretty much sets up all your Troops.  This means that all you need now is a bunch of characters to fill things out, maybe a Rhino or two, and then we have a Holiday party of World Eaters. Bring out the blood-spiced egg-nog!

Let’s continue building to get where you need to be.  Right now, there are 3 characters you need to fill out the last bits and get you all the enhancements you need to get the army working.  Then of course, just a few more Eightbound.

  • Kharn – 80pts – $34.00
  • Master of Executions w/Berzerker Glaive – 105pts – $28.00
  • Lord on Juggernaut w/ Favored of Khorne – 130pts – $55.00
  • Rhino X 2 – (Deimos Pattern Rhino is cheaper, plus stylin’) – 150pts – $85.00

This gives you a full army minus the rules for $535 plus tax.  This is enough stuff to really set yourself up to play some games and try to wreck things as needed.  Plus it keeps the total with rules right at under 600 bucks, including some sweet dice if you want to.

Let’s roll it all together and then talk some strategy for it.

World Eaters – Berzerker Warband


– Characters –
Angron – Warlord – 415pts
Lord Invocatus – 140pts
Lord on Juggernaut – Favored of Khorne -130pts
Kharn – 80pts
Master of Executions – Berzerker Glaive – 105pts

Khorne Berzerkers X 10 – Plasma Pistol X 3, Khornate Eviscerator X 2, Icon of Khorne – 200pts
Khorne Berzerkers X 10 – Plasma Pistol X 3, Khornate Eviscerator X 2, Icon of Khorne – 200pts
Khorne Berzerkers X 10 – Plasma Pistol X 3, Khornate Eviscerator X 2, Icon of Khorne – 200pts
Jakhals X 10 – 70pts

-Dedicated Transports-
Rhino – Combi-Bolter X 2, Havoc Launcher – 75pts
Rhino – Combi-Bolter X 2, Havoc Launcher – 75pts

-Other Datasheets-
Exalted Eightbound X 6 – 300pts

Total Pts : 1990


Xmas Box World Eaters Tactics

The idea here is you have two Rhinos with Kharn and the MoE.  They are your second wave.  You have a unit of Berzerkers with the Exalted Eightbound scouting up.  Invocatus also scouts as a separate unit, and it gives you 3 pressure points.  Of course, Angron is fast as heck, so he is your 4th, and you have enough stuff to hopefully get there.  Your other Lord is in the backfield keeping your Reroll and then punching things as needed.

Overall it is a pretty simple list utilizing a pile of Super Friends from Khorne.  It also builds off of everything you get from the boxes and lets you not waste any units.  This is a great thing for the Xmas boxes as a lot of the time you end up having things that just – aren’t needed.

Happy HOlidays and may all your presents be filled with crazy murdering grimdark madness!

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