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Legions Imperialis: The Legions ‘Starter Box’ Is An Epic Deal

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Nov 15 2023

If you were going to play Legions Imperialis you’re going to buy a Starter Box anyhow. The good news is that it’s a heck of a deal!

We’ve known the contents of the Legions Imperialis Starter Box for awhile now. It’s jam-packed with “223 miniatures divided across 61 individual models” according to WarCom. And this week we learned the price point is at $200. And while the math might be a little fuzzy, you’re definitely getting a massive discount on this box vs individual MSRP.


  • 2x Warhound Titans
  • Legions Astartes Infantry Set
  • Solar Auxilia Infantry Set
  • Legion Predator Set
  • Sicaran Tank Set
  • Leman Russ Tank Set
  • Malcador Heavy Tank Set
  • Dice, Templates, Tokens, etc.
  • Rulebook
  • Waterslide Transfer sheet

While we don’t have exact pricing on a few of these sets we know that both Infantry sets start at $50 each. The two Warhound Scout Titans sold for around $55 when they were Adeptus Titanicus specific as well. The various tank kits appear to be in the $50 range per set also. So let’s just ballpark this and say that each “set” is $50. There’s seven “sets” worth of stuff and if each set is $50 worth of things then that’s $350 worth of miniatures.

That’s still not counting the full size hardcover rulebook, dice, templates, and all the extras. That’s easily another $50 worth of items in the box. So again, at a $200 price point this box is absolutely slammed with value. If you’re splitting the cost with a buddy (because you only want half) that’s still a great deal for BOTH of you.

Legions Imperialis  Starter or Launch Box Only?

I could very easily see folks splitting or trading half the contents with another player only interested in one half as well. I am thinking that the Astartes Legions might be the more popular option, so if you’re a Solar Auxilia fan, your time to strike might be real soon!


We’ll do a full pricing breakdown once all these kits are out for sale. Unfortunately we don’t have an indication on if this boxed set is going to be a regularly stocked product or if it’s a limited launch release. I would hope that it’s going to be something you can order at any point in the future for new players.

I mean, it’s got everything you need to start playing and this is a new line of products…so that would make sense. However, I don’t run things so I guess we’ll see how this pans in out a few months!


Are you going to snag a box for yourself or split it with a buddy?

Author: Adam Harrison
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