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Warhammer 40K: What We Hope To See From The Preview Online

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Nov 14 2023

Games Workshop is hosting another Preview Online this weekend. Here’s a few things that we hope show up in the previews.

This Friday/Saturday we’re in for a treat with the Warhammer Preview Online from the Warhammer Championships. We already know what systems are going to get some time in the spotlight and we know 40k is one of them. So what are we hoping to see? That’s what we’re here to talk about!




More Adeptus Mechanicus Previews

The Last Preview had some Ad Mech reveals that uh…brought some mixed feelings. But hopefully this was just the speartip of even more Adeptus Mechanicus releases. I’m hoping that we see more models from the upcoming codex revamp and also some more info on the various rules for the Ad Mech. I’m very curious how GW is planning on expanding the various detachments for this army in the future.

More Necron Previews

We got a preview of the Stormlord and also this new Necron Warlord teleporting in. I’m hoping we see even more Necron reveals this weekend, too. Just to echo the same point as the Ad Mech Previews: More Necron stuff plz!


Maybe we’ll get another character revamp. Or maybe another vehicle kit? Or perhaps we’ll see a new C’tan Shard?! How wild would that last one be, right? Oh well, I guess we’ll have to tune in to find out…

Spring Teasers?

Spring is a ways out but there’s FIVE codexes on the horizon. It might be a little early but it would be nice to see GW tease some info on any of these releases. We’re about half-way through November and December is typically a rather quiet month in terms of “big” news (although an occasional BIG release does sneak in). So hopefully GW does us all a solid and gives us something to stew about from any of these armies.

I know they typically don’t get into deep lore dives with these previews but I would like to know what the heck has been going on now that Lion El’Jonson is back. How are he and Guilliman getting along? Have they contacted each other to debrief on the situation(s) in the galaxy? If the Dark Angels are first up next year a teaser now would be nice.

A New ‘Event’

Around this time last year we started getting drops about the Arks of Omen teasers as the End of 9th edition was approaching. We’re now situated firmly in 10th edition but things still feel “new” thanks to the slower roll-out of the codexes. I’m wondering if we’re going to get an event that pushes the story a bit or if GW is just waiting to do a “rapid fire” release for all the upcoming codexes. This new “event” could also usher in a new batch of Matched Play rules with…


A New Mission Pack

Is it too soon for a new Mission Deck? Maybe GW will tease this for the Spring or something. I’m not 100% sure what cadence GW is shooting for with the 10th edition Matched Play releases. Will it be a six-month thing? Or are they moving towards a yearly update model? I also understand that the Leviathan storyline is far from over so there’s no reason to move on from these missions quite yet. But I do wonder what the future plans will be.

Future Tease To Get Excited About

I’m really hoping GW does something to pump up the excitement with a massive model tease. Honestly, I don’t have a strong preference for any particular army in regards to this tease. But I’d love to get one of those videos where they show snippets of a new model and maybe the silhouette of something massive.

Those are always fun to dissect and try to figure out. Plus, it’s just good “hype” as it’s something to get pumped up about in the future. Fingers crossed it’s a good one!



What are you hoping to see from the Warhammer Preview Online this weekend?


Author: Adam Harrison
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