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This ‘Resident Evil’ Alice Closet Cosplay Will Help You Fight Your Way Out of Raccoon City

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Dec 14 2023

Survive the horror of the holidays with this festive red Alice from ‘Resident Evil’ closet cosplay!

When I think of iconic horror franchises of my formative years, Resident Evil is right at the top. This series came out right along the horrifying Silent Hill franchise, terrifying teens and tots alike with stories of creepy, zombie-filled worlds. There’s no series we’d rather pay homage to than Milla Jovovich’s meteoric rise as the pivotal heroine Alice. When you want a bit of sharpness to pair with your holiday cake and your hot cocoa… We’ve got just the closet cosplay for you!

Though there are so many Resident Evil films and games that I won’t even TRY to account for them all, we’re starting this dive into the Umbrella Underground with the first. Alice’s opening outfit in the first Resident Evil film is a simple strappy gown and sleek boots. All a girl needs for a night out on the science lab floor is her automatic!

Resident Evil’s Alice Closet Cosplay: The Gown

The great thing about Alice’s gown is that it’s every red strappy gown. No matter what shade, cut, or fabric you choose, when you partner this dress with the boots and shorts… Folks will stop in their tracks to avoid crossing your path.


You know I couldn’t throw out a title like “Violence Meets Velvet” and NOT take this opportunity to make a riff. All’s velvet underground with this stunningly cut velvet version- in case you want a bit more finesse in your finery.

Resident Evil’s Alice Closet Cosplay: The Shorts

What’s to say here? This is a black undershirt. Most folks have them. You can go for tights instead and cut out the feet, or use a legging… There are many ways to make this your own, depending on the weather and how much skin you’re comfortable showing!

Resident Evil’s Alice Closet Cosplay: The Boots

I ASSUMED (mistakenly) that Alice wore a combat boot. But it seems she wears a sleeker, shiny boot that has the rainslick look to it. You can try to go with that vibe, but honestly, it’s not a great look in my opinion. Find your combat boots or any other black boots you’re comfortable kicking zombie butt in, and you’re good to go!


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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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