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Become “The Merc With the Mouth” in This Deadpool Closet Cosplay

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Jan 25 2024
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Get ready to wish your partner a Happy Valentine’s Day the best way we know how—by dressing as Wolverine’s favorite Valentine.

It’s that time again, folks. It’s time for Ryan Reynolds, Canadian treasure and purveyor of gin and comedic gold, to return for the next Deadpool installment. The marketing for Deadpool 3 has been a sneaky, tantalizing ramp-up promising action-packed, punny buffoonery.

Deadpool is one of those characters who’s always seen roaming the convention halls. He’s a fun and ridiculous addition to any event, including a trip to the theaters! Pull up your panties and ditch your toothpicks; we’re building the best Deadpool closet cosplay!

Deadpool Closet Cosplay: The Suit

There’s a pretty hilarious inexpensive version of a Deadpool cosplay online. If you’re going for a jokey look, you need look no further than here. It’s a one-stop shop-and even includes the footies!

If a thrown-together cosplay isn’t your style, you can replicate Deadpool’s costume with some skin-tight spandex. Running clothes or gym clothes work perfectly for this because they breathe and stretch. Deadpool is mostly monochromatic red and black, which makes coordinating simple (as cosplays go).


Deadpool Closet Cosplay: The Boots

Deadpool constantly jumps, rolls, kicks, and leaps during his escapades, so it’s important to have balanced footwear. A black sneaker or combat boot works just fine for this look. The most important thing is always to make sure you break in your footwear before taking the cosplay out on the road!

Deadpool Closet Cosplay: The Belt

A belt ties the look together and gives you plenty of prop-carrying real estate. Most folks will have one in their closet already, but there are plenty of options at your local thrift store or online.

Deadpool Closet Cosplay: The Cowl

If you don’t want to snag a fully formed cowl for yourself, an old pair of spandex leggings or a shirt will cut nicely into a reasonable cowl. Deadpool is all about the energy you bring, so you can get away with a simpler cowl if you carry enough sass!

Deadpool Closet Cosplay: The Backpack

Hello, nurse! Or is that Kitty? You can’t go out without your official weaponry bag, can you? Deadpool deserves nothing less than the best money can buy, and this is definitely the most serious option you could choose.

The BoLS crew is saving their money for tickets to see Deadpool 3 in September. Any links you click help us get closer to our goal of maximum cinematic effort!

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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