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‘Blood Throne: The Tower of Sacrifice’ – Don’t Miss Out on Kickstarter Discounts

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Jan 31 2024

Fight for the soul of a world in peril in Blood Throne: The Tower of Sacrifice—a new game from the team at Frontline Gaming!

Enter a world of danger and constant battle in Blood Throne: The Tower of Sacrifice, a cooperative fantasy board game for up to seven players. Assemble a party of mighty heroes, each with unique strengths. Level up, gain new skills, and loot while the persistent, narrative campaign unfolds with your choices.


The action is set in Cheol, a world that is facing damnation. It’s riven by monsters thirsting for the blood and souls of the innocent. Belphegore, the Lord of Sacrifice, is attempting to seize the Blood Throne and become a god in a world where the gods are dead. Heroes come from every nation still standing to join the Last Accord in their desperate attempt to stop him.

Can you and your band of warriors take Belphegore down?

The Core Box

The core box includes everything you need to play. Get started with the quickplay guide, which teaches you all the essentials and helps you start playing in no time. You’ll get 28 detailed, pre-assembled miniatures brought to life by Creature Caster and pop-up terrain that are all ready for the tabletop immediately. Plus, multiple plastic organizer trays to safely store your minis and keep the tokens and cards organized when the battle is done. 

  • Rulebook packed with all you need to play the game, plus lore
  • 12 Hero Models, plus 2 Pets and a familiar
  • 17 Monsters Models with Stat Cards – from small to gigantic
  • Hundreds of color-coded game cards and tokens
  • A double-sided game board
  • 25 pieces of pop-up terrain & terrain tiles – no assembly required!
  • A Campaign Map with Reusable Stickers
  • Campaign Workbook to keep track of your progress
  • 34 dice – extra in case you lose some
  • And so much more!

Get Into the Game

Play epic strategy battles in Blood Throne: The Tower of Sacrifice—go head to head with a classic 2-player game or add up to seven players for more action.

Get a feel for the rules—check out this exciting PvP battle!

The Kickstarter is Live Now!

Blood Throne: The Tower of Sacrifice is fully developed, playtested, and ready to go into production. There are several exclusive bundles available that include more minis, terrain, and custom gaming mats. What are you waiting for!?

Author: Mars Garrett
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