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Goatboy’s Warhammer 40K: Top Fight Phase Stratagems of 10th Edition

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Feb 8 2024

Goatboy here to talk about some of the better Fight Phase Stratagems we have in Warhammer 40K 10th Edition.  Here’s why they are pretty dang powerful.

We have six Strategems to go over that can pave your way to victory. Let’s get started.

Sisters of Battle – Spirit of the Martyr – 2CP

Orks – Orks Never Beaten – 2CP


Both of these strats do the same thing which is grant a unit a true fight-on-death.  A little bit of story time for everyone – 9th Edition used to have Creations of Bile, who possessed  a true fight-on-death ability for their entire army!  It was extremely powerful and I used it to do some damage at the Kansas City GW GT when it was first hitting the town.  GW quickly nerfed it to a 4+ ability to activate and the army dropped out of power pretty quickly. Lately any other type of Fight-on-Death or Shoot-on-Death has the rule of needing a 4+ to activate. However, these two stratagems, while costing 2 CP – do not.  This is very powerful and allows you to be so much more aggressive with your assault units as you just need to get them mixed in and fighting – either at the beginning or when they die a truly glorious death.

Blood Angels – Sons of Sanguinius – Red Rampage – 1CP

This grants a unit in the fight phase the Lance and Lethal Hit keywords on their attacks.  Getting two sets of rules that help you do more damage is a powerful thing – especially when it only costs you a CP.  It is all about setting up those brutal turns when you come crashing in and guaranteeing a lot of damage.  This Stratagem lets you do that and the only thing keeping it from being used more is being force-locked in the Blood Angels Detachment which is not nearly as good as the regular Marine ones.

Chaos Knights – Knights of Shade – 1CP

Up to two War Dogs or 1 Titanic Chaos Knight Model get the ability to ignore terrain/models as if they were not there with this Stratagem.  I know this isn’t in the fight phase but it lets your models get to your fight phase quickly.  Being able to ignore that wall or bubble wrap is a powerful thing for Chaos Knights.  It is probably one of the better strats for that detachment and will be used all the time for things like Yolo’in 2 Karnivores or letting you big daddy Rampager crash on in.


Grey Knights – Radiant Strike – 2CP

This Stratagem affects one Grey Knight Psyker Unit during the fight phase – making their melee weapons with the Psychic Ability gains Devastating Wounds.  I don’t think I have to explain too much about how powerful Devastating wounds can be. Just think of Draigo leading 10 Terminators who just got that sweet +3 to charge to crash into your army.  They activate Devastating wounds and you watch as all your models melt away in a psychic onslaught of death and destruction.

World Eaters – For the Blood God! – 1CP

After killing a unit in the fight phase you can make a blessing of Khorne Roll and use the results to activate an additional Blessing of Khorne.  This stratagem isn’t so much about making your assault better, as just making your army better.  Having the ability to activate another Blessings of Khorne lets you get a chance to have the Feel No Pain ability activate on your first turn. Thus letting your models have a chance to survive after they scouted forward, crashed on in, and go to working their death blows into your army.

 There are a ton of Advance and Charge options too which is also pretty strong as well, just not nearly as fancy. What other Fight Phase/Charge Phase stratagems do you prefer?


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