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MTG: A S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Look at the ‘Fallout’ Commander Decks

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Feb 26 2024

The decklists for the upcoming Fallout decks are out, and you might need some RadAway after looking at them.

Welcome, Praetors, Planeswalkers, and Wasteland Wanderers! The time is almost upon us: Universes Beyond Fallout is coming out next Friday. This mini-release includes four Fallout-themed Commander decks based on one of the iconic heroes (or villains) of the wasteland.

Attendees of MagicCon Chicago were able to get the first look at some of the amazing new cards in the decks, and now the full decklists have been released. Each one is unique and fun and will bring an exciting new challenge to your game tables.

Hail, Caesar

The “Hail, Caesar” deck is all about making creature tokens and feeding them to the machine for buffs. Many of the cards have “Squad” costs, meaning you can create token copies as you cast them. Then, you’ll have cards like Caesar himself who let you sacrifice those creatures for buffs.

This is a solid Mardu Artistocrats deck, with plenty of ways to create more tokens and then grind them down into useful parts. Caesar was never the kindest ruler in the wasteland, and his deck is proof. If you’re willing to make sacrifices for power, then the Legion will reward you handsomely.

Scrappy Survivors

If you’d rather keep your friends and allies rather than sacrificing them, then you’ll want to make sure they’re well-equipped for the Wasteland. “Scrappy Survivors” is the perfect deck for just that, chock-full of Auras and Equipment to make your creatures tougher. There are also plenty of cards that get stronger the more buffs you have and dozens of ways to make even more.

While the deck is a little creature light, it more than makes up for it with how powerful you can make the few creatures you have. This is Voltron through and through, and you’ll be able to do a ton of damage with minimal creatures.


By far one of the most interesting of the decks, this is an artifact deck with an energy subtheme. Representing the various robotic and synth factions of the Fallout universe, this deck is all about building machines and powering them up.

Energy is an older mechanic from Kaladesh, and this deck is all about it. A lot of your artifact creatures have energy abilities, and Dr. Li gives you energy every time you cast an artifact spell. Plus, Jeskai artifacts are always fun. While this deck isn’t the strongest out of the box, it can upgrade to a powerhouse with just a little tuning.

Mutant Menace

Sultai is already a nasty color combination, and this deck is bursting with nasty pieces. Based on proliferating and the new “rad” token mechanic, you’ll be piling counters on creatures, artifacts, and even players. Again, this deck is cool, but it doesn’t have the synergy it might otherwise need.


However, just like the previous deck, it only takes a little tuning to get it to where it needs to be. There’s so much proliferate in these colors, and you can make a banger of a deck with just a few adds. Plus, who DOESN’T want to have Mothman in the command zone?

You can check out the decklists here. Will you be picking one up?

Author: Clint Lienau
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