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Warhammer 40K: Five Chaos Space Marine Units That Need Updated Miniatures

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Feb 9 2024

We know the Chaos Space Marines are on the horizon. Here’s a few miniature kits we hope get a major update in the new edition.

The Chaos Space Marines might not be the “big bad” of 10th edition. Based on Leviathan, that duty might be the Tyranids (for now). That said, they are still a massive threat and deserve to take that spot back. Let’s not forget the last edition ended with Abaddon and Vashtorr up to no good. With that in mind here’s a few units we hope get some love with the next Codex release.

Huron Blackheart

Get this man a new plastic model, STAT! Huron Blackheart really represents the new school of Chaos Space Marines. He’s not from the time of the Horus Heresy but he’s still turned his back on the Imperium and carved out his own chunk of the galaxy. He’s what happens when a Space Marine decides to go rogue and become a warlord for himself. That’s one aspect I wish GW would explore more with Chaos Space Marines.


Lucius The Eternal

Maybe one day we’ll get an Emperor’s Children supplement codex. Then Lucius can get a new model and he and Fabius Bile can go off and lead their genetically enhanced traitor-kin on a rampage across the galaxy. Or…maybe GW and just get him a new plastic kit and update this model in the meantime. I’ll take either option, really.

Chaos Bikers

These models are perfectly serviceable right now. However, they are starting to show their age. Plus, have you seen the new Outrider bikes for Space Marines? You can’t tell me that Chaos Marines didn’t see those and think “Oh, we gotta snag some of those…” Yeah. It needs to happen. If the Chaos Terminators can grow in size, why not Chaos Bikers?

Chaos Spawn


This is just a personal pet peeve. I’d like to see the Chaos Spawn get a new kit. I do appreciate how versatile the current plastic kit is. But I am hoping we see these models get a makeover in the future. How about some chunks of armor leftover from your previous life as a non-warp spawn? That could be fun, right?

Warpforged: Venomcrawler and Obliterators

Okay, I like these models individually. I just want to see them separated. The issue is that these were designed on the same sprue and GW never bother to update them to make solo versions of these kits.

They only come like this and it would be awesome to see GW redesign both units to 1) be two different kits and 2) have more options. I could easily see GW making an dual Obliterator/Mutilator kit with a ton of cool weapon options. And I could see the Venomcrawler get some love with more weapons as well. If they can do it with the Helbrute, then why not these models!?


What units do you want to see get some love with a new miniature kit for Chaos Space Marines?


Author: Adam Harrison
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