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Atomic Mass Games: AdeptiCon 2024 Reveals – Marvel: Crisis Protocol Brings On The Apocalypse

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Mar 25 2024

There were some Apocalyptic new reveals from Atomic Mass Games at AdeptiCon 2024. Get ready for a new age of Marvel: Crisis Protocol.

I was a little bummed I wasn’t there in person for this show but that’s okay! Atomic Mass Games had a live stream for the reveals and there were a ton of awesome things on the way. Plus, a new Road Map showcasing all the goodies and when to expect them. A few of these reveals…well, I can’t believe they are actually happening. So let’s get into them!

Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Updates and Previews

This was the first look at Scarlet Spider’s card and also the “Venomized” card. It’s hard to read, but you can make out some of those stats. And yes, you can apply the Vemonized to just about anyone. The Hulk was called out and that sounds TERRIFYING.

Up next we got a look at the Sandman and the Vulture. The Sandman is going to bring in TWO goons with those Sand Constructs. And I gotta say that AMG does a really good job with characters that have wings…more on that below.

This Black Panther sculpt and story behind it was touching. It’s was being made when Chadwick Boseman unfortunately passed away and this sculpt was finalized as a bit of a tribute to that version of the character. Gameplay-wise, this version of Black Panther is also a bit more on the mystical power side of things. He plays different that the other versions.

It’s also cool to see Namor painted up. Plus he brings in the Invaders Leadership powers that gives you a new sub-affiliation to try.


Shang-Chi and Silver Sable are also on the way and they are going to be included to help beef-up the Defenders. It was also mentioned the Shang-Chi has some new/different powers on his injured side as well. So I’m looking forward to seeing how his change is stance impacts his performance on the tabletop.


AMG also just wanted to show off the cool photo they had of the new Asgardian Pack coming. Everyone loves a good photo op, right?!


Marvel: Crisis Protocol – The New Stuff

I can’t believe they actually created Maverick! Cross one off my list. Also how about that classic “Weapon X” version of Wolverine, right? I bet we’re going to see him bust out some Berserker Rage in that mode for sure.

New Mutants confirmed! Sunspot and Warlock are the first of the new class coming. And if you know your comics, you know what that means…

YES!!!!! I’m so pumped for this one. There was an audible roar when Apocalypse showed up and also this teases The Age of Apocalypse! The sculpt will have a few alternate arms if you want to go that route. Personally, I really like the “monologue hand” pose and will likely be using that. He will have a mechanic that takes characters and turns them into his Horsemen. And yes, you’ll be able to take a WIDE variety of options as Horsemen.


There will be a terrain set for Age of Apocalypse and also an Ultimate Encounter as well. I can’t wait to tackle Apocalypse on his home turf for sure! The terrain set above is one set of three and I can’t wait to see what else AMG has planned.

And speaking of Horsemen, you gotta have Archangel come out with Apocalypse. He’s arguably one of the most famous of the bunch. I also appreciate that AMG put out both versions of in one pack. Plus, the wings! Those are some great sculpts.


The Tomb of Dracula Characters were teased during the Ministravaganza. This is a new set coming close to October to help make the season extra spooky! Dracula was mentioned as having access to making Thralls so that could be pretty interesting. Also the artwork is apparently the Tactics Card art, too. So they come together to make that art piece — nice touch.

But that art is more than just that and cards…


There will be One-Shot cards that you can use with the Tomb of Dracula Castle to change the game up and add some “spook-tacular” alternative options to your MCP games. This is also “the largest Terrain Piece” that AMG has made for MCP. Considering they have had apartment buildings in the game, yeah…I’m looking forward to the seeing this one in person.

Mephisto is coming to make some deals! Seems appropriate for spooky season. It’s going to be a crazy/scary Q4 2024.

Also teased were a few more monsters hunters with Elsa and Man-Thing. The Midnight Sons are going to get a lot of love in 2024 Q4 and early 2025!



And so are the Guardians of the Galaxy! Yondu is coming with his arrow in tow. And Nova is ANOTHER character I can’t believe they are adding. If we’re getting all cosmic, I can think of a few more characters I’d like to see…

Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Road Map

Here’s the big show’s road map all laid out as well for future reference. It’s an exciting time for MCP fans. I can’t wait to see these in person.


What was your favorite reveal and biggest shocker?

Author: Adam Harrison
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