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Age of Sigmar: Skaven Replacement Units Already Teased

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Apr 12 2024

The Skaven range is getting cut down but all is not lost. Games Workshop has already teased some updates for Age of Sigmar.

We already saw the massive range cuts and talked about the culling of miniatures for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. Today, I want to focus on something a bit more positive. We might be in a for a treat with the Skaven updates on the horizon.

First, the cuts…


On With The New Skaven

So far we’ve already seen the first glimpse of new Skaven on the way. Clanrats got a big showcase with their new kit. And, if you look at the stuff that was cut, they were on that list. And they are already back. It’s like if you get rid of one Skaven rat another batch shows up to take their place…

Anyhow, if you watched the new AoS Cinematic trailer you might have noticed a few new things to keep an eye out for.


Skaven Rat Swarm

This one was pretty subtle but it’s from when the Skaven city first pops up. We see a horde of rats swarming forth. Does that mean the Skaven are going to get a cheap, disposable unit of rat swarms again? I mean…have you seen a Skaven army before? Not going to rule this one out.

Skaven Character on Mount W/Warpfire Pistol (?)


This was kind of the “big bad” leader for this incursion. It was a Skaven Character on a new mount. I’m pretty sure we’re going to get a new unit or character like this when the new edition hits.

Rat Ogors w/Warpfire Thrower

Okay, I know Stormfiends already exist. But this Rat Ogor looked different. It doesn’t have some of the same armor plates that Stormfiends do. Plus, the old Rat Ogors are getting retired. Maybe GW is planning on making a new unit that’s either cheaper or smaller for them.

Warplock Jezzails

I’m sure when everyone saw the Jezzails were on the “cut” list they were bummed. But don’t forget that same unit showed up in the new video. They have GOT to be coming back. Jezzails are too iconic to be pulled from the Skaven army.


Ratling Gun (Cannon?)

So the Ratling Gun and the Warpfire Thrower are getting pulled from the range. However, GW showed off this crazy wheeled contraption. It seemed to function a whole lot like the Ratling Gun only it was “mounted” and was rolling forward. I could easily see GW making a dual kit that had either this new Ratling gun or a Warpfire Thrower instead. That seems like a very Skaven thing to do.

There was a lot going on in that video so if you spotted something else drop us a line in the comments to point it out! I don’t think the Skaven range is going to be hurting for options in the very near future…


Skaven-tide! Or…Vermin-Tide?!


Author: Adam Harrison
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