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Explore the Galaxy Alone in Solo-RPG, ‘Astroprisma’, and More Kickstarter Highlights

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Apr 3 2024

Come check out this week’s batch of crowdfunding and Kickstarter highlights—including board games, RPGs, and STLs!



Solo RPGs are having a bit of a resurgence lately, and I think that’s great. As a huge fan of games like The Lone Wolf series, solo RPGs are a great way to get that RPG feel without needing to worry about scheduling.

Astroprisma is a solo sci-fi rpg about space exploration and faction conflict set in a retrofuturistic universe. The player’s goal is to explore the entirety of the Star System Map, a 36-tile hexcrawl in the shape of a star system.

Gameplay is centered around exploration, combat and story events.Combat is a deep and dynamic system that will see the player make tactical decisions and use their weapons, hacking skills, cybertech, narcobiotics, and other abilities to defeat a wide range of enemies and bosses. As you explore the different planets and locations, you will encounter story events and characters. These will present you with meaningful player choices that will change the course of your adventure.

Bugsnax: The Card Game


Bugsnax might look like just another fun and cute video game about catching bugs, but it’s one that gets really off the rails very quickly. The card game will probably have less secretly upsetting body-horror, but you’ll have to back it to find out for sure.

Based on the hit video game, Bugsnax: The Card Game is a bite-sized race to eat your fill! Take on the role of your favorite Grumpus and use their unique ability cards, along with your tricky traps, to outwit the other players and overcome the Bugsnax defenses. Be the first to chow down on 6 points worth of Bugsnax, and you’ll be crowned the Snakmaster General!

Play in standard mode for a casual burst of bug-catching fun, or tackle advanced mode for a longer and more strategic experience. Between 13 Grumpuses and 40 Bugsnax, there are a ton of play styles to try and unique situations to overcome. However you like to play, Bugsnax: The Card Game is a treat!

Lairs & Legends 2 – The Definitive 5e Resource Anthology


Lairs & Legends prides itself on being content-dense without having to read through too much fluffy paragraphs to get to the juice you’re looking for. With a ton of new monsters, traps, magic items, and more, it’s perfect to slot into any campaign you’re already running.

Lairs & Legends 2 is not only two hefty books packed full of adventures, monsters, traps, and puzzles. It’s a resource anthology designed to help you run and play amazing games! 

Lairs & Legends 2 is written to make GMing easier than ever before. Each resource is built to be easy to use at your table, with intuitive formatting, clear wording, and evocative art. You’ll never again have to dig through dense paragraphs to find the critical details you need during a live session.


Mystic Punks Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Some RPGs are super serious, hardcore, crunchy, sweaty games for intense gamers, and some are just not that at all. Mystic Punks is the latter. It’s a game where you and your fellow punks take on demons and monsters as a mall goth, gas station attendant, or a Pomeranian wizard. Just one look at the trippy art style and you already know what you’re getting yourself into.

Welcome to Mystic Punks! The TTRPG allows players to (maybe) save the world from utter annihilation from unholy eldritch gods, possessed high school lunch ladies, and gooey otherworldly bandits with a proclivity for prodding.

Based on the solo RPG Mystic Punks: The Collected Edition, the Mystic Punks Core Rulebook builds on the earlier Quickstart Rules, allowing you and your friends to create rich campaigns of cursed intrigue, encounter grotesque monsters, and flesh out bizarre Punks that wield a bevy of mind-bending majicks. 


We can all enjoy overly ridiculous weapons and needlessly lewd armor from time to time. But equally enjoyable is just some average-looking people in a highly detailed 3D print mini. Miniatures that look like they could be your English teacher make it a lot easier to really put yourself in their shoes as you explore the dark unspeakable terrors of Cthulhu.

In the shadows of the night, where the whispers of the wind conceal ancestral secrets and the stars twinkle with an unsettling brightness, rises a unique collection of miniatures that defy human sanity. New daring investigators will confront ineffable creatures lurking in the abysses of the universe. In this collection, each figure is a gateway to the unknown, a passage to madness and revelation. Who will dare to venture into this world of unfathomable secrets and disturbing truths?


This new collection features a core set of 14 models of 28 and 32mm that can be used for board games and role playing games.

Author: Matt Sall
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