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This Joker Closet Cosplay Will Have You Laughing All the Way to Arkham

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Apr 18 2024

Become as notorious as this killer clown in your own streetwear version of a Joker closet cosplay!

Clowns as figures of horror and humor combined is one of the most classic tropes. DC’s main man villain, Joker, is the pinnacle of both. He’s one of the most famous villains of all time and has had some of acting’s greatest portray him in animated and live-action works. While we gear up for the next installment of Joker retellings, we’re letting a new closet cosplay take center stage. We’re taking Joker from Batman: The Animated Series and giving him a new origin story in cosplay!

Joker Closet Cosplay: The Jacket

A classy, minimalistic, fitted jacket is a great item to have in the closet. You can throw it over a T-shirt to dress it down… or a button-down to dress it up. Alternatively, you could do a bomber jacket or some other cut, to modernize it into streetwear.

If you wanna go the full-suited route, there are some great matching tops and bottoms online. This set is super inexpensive and looks great!

Joker Closet Cosplay: The Pants

If you’re more into a casual clown affair, a jeans and jacket look would be a great way to go. Then, you can rock these jeans on the regular! Adding more color to your wardrobe can wash away the winter blues.

Joker Closet Cosplay: The Shirt

It’s great to go with a button-down, but I’m personally not a fan of orange. I wouldn’t use it again, so I’d go for a cool T-shirt or V-neck.


Joker Closet Cosplay: The Makeup

I’ve mentioned this brand before, and I’ll do it again. I really like the Mehron paints for body and face work. It’s kind on your skin, comes in tons of colors, is easy to apply, and works on hair as well. Pick up a pack of these and you have everything needed for your Joker.

Joker Closet Cosplay: A Flower Bomb

To round out this look and add a splash of fun, add in a water squirter! You can fill it with water or a fun beverage. Tricks AND treats!

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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