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The Bad Batch S3 E12 Breakdown: “Flash Strike” Raises the Stakes Higher Than Ever

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Apr 25 2024

We’re almost at the end of The Bad Batch‘s story, and they’ve either just made one final friend or a very dangerous enemy.

With just one episode left in The Bad Batch, all of the pieces are officially in place. It feels like there are still a lot of loose ends left to unravel and a lot of danger for the batch to get themselves into and then back out of.  So we’ll have some pretty high expectations for last week’s episode. But in the meantime, let’s break down what went on this week.

Spoiler Warning! If you haven’t watched this week’s episodes of The Bad Batch, read on at your own risk.

When We Last Saw Our Heroes

When last week’s episode left off, Echo was on an Imperial shuttle headed towards Tantiss, the rest of the batch and former Admiral Rampart were in another ship riding piggyback on said Imperial shuttle, and Omega was busily earning the trust of her fellow vault dwellers and coming up with an escape plan.

And this week’s episode picked back up exactly there. By now the news of Rampart’s less than stealthy break-out has gotten around, and Dr. Hemlock is being notified… And he almost immediately picks up on what’s happening. Security is heightened, and there is a formation on the hunt for the batch before they even make it to the planet. Echo on the Imperial shuttle has to be careful about how he gets onto the base, but the others are forced to crash their ship and proceed on foot.

Nobody is more annoyed by this than Rampart, who tries to form a comradery with Crosshair over their ‘sameness.’ Rampart points out how they’re both just out for themselves; a notion that Crosshair immediately shuts down, saying that he’s “changed.”

Omega’s Plan

Omega notices the shift in base as well as the sound of the laser canons and knows that her brothers are coming for her, which shifts Omega into action. She tells the other children there that she needs to get some scouting done and asks them to cover for her so she can crawl into the wall and look around… And despite some confusion, they do their best and buy her just enough time to find a potential way out.


An Unlikely (?) Teamup

While Wrecker, Crosshair, Hunter, and Rampart are walking through the woods, encountering deadly creatures and working out each other’s current moral alignments, Echo has infiltrated the Tantiss base dressed as a Storm Trooper and is pulling up the file on Omega when Emerie walks in. Despite a less-than-convincing cover story, Emerie figures out who Echo is and is willing to help him find Omega and get the rest of the kids out… Or so she says.

We’ve watched Emerie’s character develop throughout the season and her shift in conviction for Dr. Hemlock’s cause. But we don’t know Emerie very well yet. Is she trustworthy? Or is she walking Echo into a trap?

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Bad Batch? What do you think the series finale has in store for us? Do you trust Emerie? Let us know in the comments!

May the Force be with you, adventurers!


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