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Build Sauron’s Tower with New ‘Lord of the Rings’ Barad-Dûr LEGO Set

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May 28 2024

Build the Dark Lord’s dark tower with this massive new Barad-Dûr LEGO set, which drops next month.

Barad-Dûr, built by Sauron in the land of Mordor near Mount Doom, is one of the most important locations in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It was nearly destroyed during the Second Age during the Last Alliance of Elves and Men when Isildur defeated Sauron. But, the power of the One Ring helped Sauron rebuild thousands of years later.

The quest to destroy the One Ring ends here in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. On June 4th, you’ll be able to build the Dark Tower and Eye of Sauron in brick. Get a Fell Beast set free when you buy before Jun 7th – it features an articulated Nazgul minifigure.

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Barad-Dûr LEGO Set

The 5,471-piece build is split into four main sections; the tower section is fully modular. The dark tower features a throne room with a complement containing a map and a ladder to the top floor. At the summit of the tower is the Eye of Sauron, which rotates in various directions and features a light brick to make the eye glow.

There are also 10 minifigures, including Sauron, Mouth of Sauron, Orcs, Frodo, Sam, Gollum, and Gothmog.

  • 5,471 pieces
  • 10 minifigures
  • 32.5 in. (83 cm) high, 17.5 in. (45 cm) wide and 12 in. (30 cm) deep
  • Available June 4th

Rivendell LEGO Set

Build Elrond’s home where the fellowship formed and the adventure began with this set. This 6,167-piece set inspired by Peter Jackson’s movies invites you to build and explore the beautiful elven valley. It includes fan-favorite moments and objects from the magical place, as well as minifigs for the characters.

  • 6,167 pieces
  • 15 minifigures
  • 15 in. (39 cm) high / 29.5 in. (75 cm) wide / 19.5 in. (50 cm) deep
  • Splits into three sections: the tower, the council ring, and the gazebo with river and bridge
  • Add a light kit for a gorgeous nighttime display

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Author: Mars Garrett
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