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Enjoy the Splendor of Marc André’s ‘Splendor’ at 50% Off

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May 20 2024

Splendor is a truly master-crafted game in its elegant simplicity and right now it can be yours for half the price!

Some games lean into the idea that more is better. While this certainly can be true for some games, it is not always true. Splendor is a game that takes a minimal approach to its design and has since become a favorite among fans.

Splendor Overview

Splendor is a competitive collections game with some minor engine-building aspects. In Splendor, players are attempting to become the most prestigious jeweler during the European Renaissance. They’ll acquire mines, hire artisans and establish trade routes all in an effort to win over the high nobility.

However, all of these developments are represented with the same cards. On each player’s turn, they’ll have the option to collect a gem token from the supply. These gems can later be turned into gain a development card. These cards provide a constant source of one specific gem, making buying more developments easier. The most expensive developments (including the nobility) also provide prestige points, which is how players win the game.

And with only a few additional rules to know, that’s basically the entire game. Like I said, very simple in its design.

Grab The Cities of Splendor Expansion For Even More Splendorous Fun

If you are the sort of person who thinks more is better (no judgment), the Cities of Splendor expansion contains 4 separate mini-expansions that you can pick and choose which to add, or add them all for a whole new experience!

But if you’re going to grab Cities of Splendor, you’re also going to need to base game, so be sure to grab that right now while it’s half off.

Splendor Can Be Marvelous!

Maybe you like the gameplay of Splendor but find the theme lacking. Marvel Splendor might be for you! With just a few tweaks to the gameplay and rules, this stand-alone expansion adds new tactics and challenges!

Regardless of how you choose to live the Splendor life, you can’t go wrong. It’s a fantastic game that you’ll be coming back to time and time again.

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Author: Matt Sall
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