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Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Pre-Orders Out For Shang-Chi, Namor & More

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May 14 2024

July is going to be a busy month for Marvel: Crisis Protocol fans. New characters are coming as well as a new way to play!

Atomic Mass Games has announced its next batch of Pre-orders. All of these are slated for a release date of July 12, 2024, but you can place your pre-orders now.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Shang Chi & Silver Sable

Two new characters join Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Trained by his father in the martial arts from a young age, the assassin Shang-Chi became a living weapon. After learning the truth about his father’s crimes, Shang-Chi cast him aside and began working with fellow heroes to do what is right. Silvija Sablinova convinced her father to train her to hunt war criminals. After his death, she took the name Silver Sable and her skills have taken her all over the world—fulfilling contracts to support her team and homeland. These two miniatures are accompanied by 2 character stat cards and six team tactics cards.

Black Panther, Chosen of Bast & Namor, the Sub-Mariner

Offering players a new version of T’Challa, Black Panther, Chosen of Bast acts as a spiritual conduit for the people of Wakanda, providing him with powerful gifts for both the mind and body. In his Marvel: Crisis Protocol debut, Namor, the Sub-Mariner king of the sunken kingdom of Atlantis wields his mystic trident and super-human strength as a bulwark between land and sea. These two miniatures are accompanied by 2 character stat cards and five team tactic cards.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Mojo Ball Scenario Pack

Players enter the Mojoverse and pit their squads against one another in Marvel: Crisis Protocol’s version of fantasy football in this new pack! Featuring unique scenario rules for one-of-a-kind combat, this scenario puts players in a tactical struggle to maneuver their characters into position and score touchdowns for victory points. Each pack contains materials for 2 players to play the Mojo Ball scenario.

Mojo Ball Rules

While this isn’t a complete set of rules, we can at least get a preview of Mojo Ball’s rules. AMG was also doing demos for the game at AdeptiCon, and the overall response was a positive one. From what we can gather, both teams will have a “team captain” who is essentially your Squad Leader with an alternate Leadership ability. You’ll also have a deck of Playbook cards that function similarly to your Team Tactic Cards.

The goal is to score touchdowns like in American Football, but your players are all superheroes and villains. I’m curious to see the rest of this ruleset, as it seems like an interesting side game.

Also, if you were thinking that this Scenario Pack looks different from the preview image we saw earlier — that’s because the previous image was for an Organized Play Kit:

I wouldn’t be shocked if AMG has plans for league play for Mojo Ball specifically — I feel like that’s a given with the OP Kit that’s already been designed…

Now we just need a few (all) characters from the Mojoverse, and we’re good to go!


Author: Adam Harrison
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