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Marvel: Crisis Protocol – ‘Vulture, Shocker, Electro, & Sandman’ Up Close

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May 6 2024

It’s a slew of Spider-Man’s noteworthy foes and we’ve got an up close look at them for Marvel: Crisis Protocol!

This new character pack has quite the mouthful of a name but that’s because it’s got four Spider-Foes inside. We got a review copy of the Vulture, Shocker, Electro, & Sandman Character Pack from Atomic Mass Games and our spider sense has been tingling ever since! But now I’ve got them all built and we’re going to dive into their miniatures.

If you want to check out their respective rules, we’ve got links to all those write-ups in their respective sections below. For now, we’re just going to focus on the miniatures.

Electro Up Close

Kicking things off, I want to start with the miniature I built last. This is Electro and he was a trip to build. If you’ve never built any MCP miniatures before I wouldn’t suggest starting with Electro. He’s a little tricky on account of the lightnight bolts he’s walking on. If you’ve assembled characters like Storm or Scarlet Witch, then you’re well acquainted to this process. His actual body was super easy to build. But fitting him on the lightning and basing terrain was a little tricky.

That said, it’s a cool pose and I’m happy with how it turned out overall. I like that it’s really showcasing how he’s got control over electricity and isn’t afraid to use it! He’s also quite good and I really want to try him out on the tabletop.

Shocker Up Close


Shocker has another great basing terrain bit that I really liked. I was also impressed with the pattern that AMG was able to get on his costume. Shocker’s signature look is all molded on the miniature — no need for fancy freehand to get that line work in there.

While his actual pose is straight forward, it’s kind of the perfect look for Shocker. He’s a bit of a no-nonsense type and he loves to fire off his gauntlets so having them front and center is for the best.

Vulture Up Close


The funny thing that stood out for me with the Vulture was how absolutely jacked this guy is for someone his age. The next thing was the broken wall he’s standing/landing on. I’m not sure why it’s got one of those pay-to-view telescopes on it, but it seems very fitting. I love how AMG did the wings on this miniature and really hope we see more winged-characters in the future from them.

I do like the pose and sculpt overall, I think it really captures the essence of the classic Spider-Man villain.

Sandman Up Close

And finally we have Sandman and his cheaty construct/grunts. This miniature is just fantastic. I love the details all over him and his constructs. You can tell he’s sand and with some good color choices and drybrushing you’re really going to be able to pull that sand-look out, too. I appreciate all the “damage” he has as his body is kind of wrapping up and absorbing the materials nearby.

I really like the cinder blocks and also the stop light he’s got. I think it’s a great touch and brings it back to the terrain sets of MCP in general. If you can’t tell this is my favorite mini from this lot, but that’s a little unfair — there’s basically three of him! It was a pretty easy build with the only real tricky part being the three sections that made up his lower half. Just dry-fit them to see how they go together and you’ll be fine.


This is a great back and really a great way to jump start a Sinister Six team. Just grab the Spider-Foes Pack and you’re good to go! The Vulture, Shocker, Electro, & Sandman Character Pack is currently up for Pre-order and has an official release date of May 17, 2024!

Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Electro & Sandman & Shocker & Vulture $79.99


A sinister lineup of villains enters Marvel: Crisis Protocol in this pack! As some of Spider-Man’s most noteworthy foes, Electro, Sandman, Vulture, and Shocker give players even more options when building their Spider-Foes and Criminal Syndicate squads. Supplementing these characters are Sandman’s two Sand Constructs that act as Grunts on the battlefield. In addition to miniatures and Stat Cards for each character, players will also find 6 Team Tactic cards that give them even more ways to accomplish their nefarious schemes. 


Spider-Man is in BIG trouble now!


Author: Adam Harrison
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