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MTG: Something Old, Something New – ‘Modern Horizons 3’ Previews Begin!

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May 21 2024

Magic is bringing back some old favorites with some new meta hotness in the upcoming Modern Horizons 3 set!

Welcome in, Praetors and Planeswalkers! That wonderful, amazing time is upon us again; it’s spoiler season! This time, we’re getting a long-awaited Modern Horizons follow-up. These sets are always packed with phenomenal reprints and brand-new power cards, and this edition is no different.

Best of all, some of our favorite heroes are being reimagined with glorious art treatments. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your existing decks, have a few Commander-exclusive cards you want in your Modern deck, or just want to torment your playgroup with Eldrazi, Modern Horizons 3 has something just for you.

Legendary Reprints

Modern Horizons 3 is pulling out all the stops in terms of high-ticket reprints. For the first time in a while the allied fetch lands are getting a reprint, and what a reprint it is. These are heavily sought after for any Magic deck, and the art of the cards does not disappoint. But it’s more than just lands making an epic return.

Several powerful heroes from sets past are back to bring the thunder to your library. Many of them will receive not only a standard reprint but one of the glorious borderless or frame-break full art treatments. You might even see your favorite hero with brand-new art!

New Takes on Old Favorites

Several powerful heroes are coming back in a new, nasty way. Eladamri, Ajani, Tamiyo, and even the Eldrazi Titans are all back with brand-new abilities. Eladamri lets you cannonball your creatures onto the battlefield, and Ajani and Taimyo are just a few of the new dual-faced Planeswalkers appearing in the new set.

The Eldrazi are probably the biggest pull from the new set, and each one has been reimagined with nasty new abilities. There’s even a fusion of Ulamog and Kozilek leading the Eldrazi Commander precon.

Commander Precons

Modern Horizons hasn’t left Commander players out in the cold. There will be four new Commander precons filled to the brim with powerful reprints and explosive new pieces. Whether you want to overrun your opponent with Eldrazi, ramp more lands than you know what to do with, generate enough Energy to power a small country, or take out your opponent with…Lhurgoyfs, there’s a deck for you.

In addition, each of these decks will have a Collector’s Edition featuring the face Commander in gorgeous ripple foil. If you want your deck to sparkle on game night, this might be the must-buy for you.


There are a lot more exciting things coming for the new set! Check out more over at WeeklyMTG here.

Author: Clint Lienau
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