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Save the Forest Spirit in This Princess Mononoke Closet Cosplay

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May 23 2024

If you’re feeling feral, powerful, and ready to prowl… This Princess Mononoke cosplay will arm you for battle.

Princess Mononoke is my favorite anime of all time. I’ve adored it since I was a child, and I still watch it regularly. Its soundtrack is haunting and evocative, and it still lives in my dreams (along with that adorable kudama!) Since I just completed my yearly rewatch, I thought it a perfect time to throw together a little love for one of my favorite leading ladies.

This feral child of the forest follows nobody but her family. Her ferocity and single-minded dedication to protecting the forest cements her as an icon for nature preservation. I adore her, and I thought it would be fun to put a sort of tech-wear take on this cosplay. San is a girl on the go, so it makes sense she’d want something easy to move in, and would adapt to the times.

San: Princess Mononoke | Wiki | Studio Ghibli Amino

Princess Mononoke Closet Cosplay: The Dress

The skirt or dress for this cosplay can be simple or complicated, according to your preference. I went with light and easy. Feel free to play with cuts of fabric and drape.

I mean… What cosplay is really complete without pockets? To add more accessibility to this cosplay, go for a pocketed skirt!

Princess Mononoke Closet Cosplay: The Tunic

I love this overlay as a means of dressing up the look and modernizing it. By bringing in a fitted top, you give more waist to the look. The ribbing looks like it could be wolf paws, which is a neat extra detail!

Princess Mononoke Closet Cosplay: The Necklace

While I doubt most folks have a crystal dagger lying around, I found this gorgeous Japanese stone necklace that pays tribute in a lovely way. It also doesn’t have any sharp edges, which might get you into trouble at a convention.

Princess Mononoke Closet Cosplay: The Fur

At first, I thought about taking an IKEA sheepskin for this (hi, Game of Thrones. We see you) and making a cape out of it. Then I thought… Wolf hat. (I’ve been listening to XG’s Woke Up drop waaaaaaay too much this week. ALPHAZ howl, this rap track is a banger. Surely, this would go on San’s playlist!

Princess Mononoke Closet Cosplay: The Boots

To finish off this look, I went for a cyber-punk-style boot. These are so over the top you’d be ready for any show, a night on the town, or stopping by the next Rodriguez film set. You’re ready to climb any mountain or ride any wolf in these!

Princess mononoke GIF on GIFER - by Starforge

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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