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This Ada Wong Cosplay From ‘Resident Evil’ Doesn’t Always Play By Your Rules

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May 31 2024

Don’t look too hard, handsome. This lady’s lethal. This Resident Evil Ada Wong cosplay just might be the last thing you ever see (but are you mad about it?)

The Resident Evil series continues to pump out interesting female leads. Whether you’re watching the movies or playing the games, there’s plenty of butt-kicking, zombie fighting to go around. Cosplayer Anya Ichios is back in black for this slinky tribute to Resident Evil’s Ada Wong!

Ada Wong Cosplay with permission by Anya Ichios

Ada Wong Cosplay by Anya Ichios

“I told you to leave without me, but you wouldn’t listen! Now hand it over! Don’t make me shoot you!”

“There are some things in the world better off not knowing. This is one of them.”

“That’s a large thing you have there. But I don’t like it when men play rough.”

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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